If you are passionate about bikes, you probably know how important it is to have a high-power and reliable battery for your vehicle. Over the last decade, modern technologies have greatly developed, and now it is difficult to define the one and only battery that can be called the best motorcycle battery in the market. Nowadays, there are three common battery types that bikers choose to boost their vehicles.

  1. Lithium battery
  2. This type of batteries you can find in electronic devices, cars, LED ads, etc. They have a high energy density and a very low self-discharge rate which allows using them in equipment that needs a large amount of energy. Their major drawback is that they are vulnerable to aging and usually can provide 500 to 1000 charges. They also have to be protected from overcharging and discharging to keep functioning properly.

  3. AGM battery
  4. An AGM battery is the first battery you probably will see as part of motorcycles. It is spill-proof and can be installed in any orientation, which is a huge benefit for bikers with customized bikes. The AGM technology makes the battery invulnerable to extreme temperatures and more durable in operation. The battery is also shock-resistant and has a very slow self-discharge rate. Yet, the charge time is short as AGM batteries can deal with high voltages without damage.

  5. Lead-acid battery
  6. This battery is fit to extremely hot environments. The chemicals inside the battery are a combination of sulfuric acid and fumed silica. The main advantage is a long lifespan and increased resistance to shocks. The downside, however, is that the lead-acid battery is particularly sensitive to overcharging and cannot be recovered if you fail to disconnect it in time. They cost much lower in comparison with other battery options existing on the market, but their application is mostly limited to emergency lighting and backup power supplies.

Lithium Motorcycle Batteries Reviews

Best Lithium Motorcycle Batteries

Antigravity Batteries AG-801

Antigravity Batteries AG-801
The AG-801 is definitely suited to those bikers who look for a compact and super-lightweight battery to maintain their motorcycles on the road. The battery features high usability and can be installed at any angle, which makes it an ideal choice for poorly located engines. Adhesive-backed foam that comes with the Antigravity Battery helps the user install it more accurately and quickly.

Despite its small size, the AG-801 can also withstand a jump start with up to 240 cranking amps. The battery case is made of high-quality US materials and characterized by increased durability. You won’t have to worry about the risk of battery damage while riding a bike because its hard housing is invulnerable to all kinds of shocks and therefore provides sure-fire safety to the battery.

The only downside of this product is that it is compatible only with a trickle charger and thus not a smart option for those riders who are looking for a battery that is compatible with any type of charger.

In terms of charge holding time, I’d say the AG-801 model is the best battery for motorcycle transport if you seek a handy option with available charge to use each time your bike runs into trouble.

  • It is a perfect choice for customized bikes with the minimum of space.
  • The battery will go dead if you forget to turn off the bike ignition while charging.

Shorai LFX14A4-BS12

Shorai LFX14A4-BS12
Shorai offers another jump starter that has every chance to win the title of the best lithium motorcycle battery.

The main advantages of this product are high starting performance, long life service, and usability. But what may also please the user is that this Shorai model is ultra-light and compact, and can be easily carried inside the motorbike.

The LFX14A4-BS12 can be installed in any position, which makes the charging process easier and less troubling. The Shorai has an extremely high cranking power that suffices to recover even a fully discharged battery on a cold morning. The self-discharge rate is very slow, which lets the user perform numerous jump starts on a single charge.

What makes it even more user-friendly is a water-proof battery charging port which allows you to charge equipment designed to work in an aquatic environment.

The 12V battery cannot tolerate voltage adjustment. The application is nevertheless wide and involves maintenance of street and sport motorcycles as well as a great variety of terrain transport.

  • Foam to fill up the empty spaces is included.
  • The battery does not lose cranking power even after a few years of active use.
  • The terminals are of small size and hard to connect to a motorcycle.

Antigravity ATX12-HD-RS

Antigravity ATX12-HD-RS
This lithium ion motorcycle battery review also deserves your attention because it sheds light on another valuable antigravity model that integrates modern charging technologies and brings the charging process to a new level.

Unlike the previous models, this battery is much smarter because of the built-in management system designed to monitor a battery condition and charging status. In particular, the user can leave the battery charging for many hours without fear of getting it to overcharging or explosion. The system automatically switches to a floating mode that allows maintaining the complete charge and keeps the battery from over-voltage damage at the same time.

The ATX12-HD-RS with available 480 cranking amps is perfectly fit to situations when a jump start is needed to revive a bike. You will have your battery started in less than two minutes. This makes it a must tool for long-distance travelers.

Another huge advantage over other similar batteries is the ability to hold a charge during the entire year on condition that nothing causes battery drain. The antigravity model also features a long life span and exceeds the lifetime of a standard lead-acid battery, which is of great value for drivers who intend to make a reliable purchase for years to come.

The battery case is hard and securely protected from a number of current-related hazards. Normally, the user is equally delivered some accessories (4 terminals and cut-off) to enable self-protection during work with the ATX12-HD-RS.

  • The battery does not heat up during operation and is resistant to extreme thermal environments.
  • It cannot be used as a starter for custom V-twin applications over 103 cubic inches.

Best AGM Motorcycle Batteries

ThrottleX Batteries HDX20L

ThrottleX Batteries HDX20L
It is another good motorcycle battery that is particularly popular with US drivers. ThrottleX does not only offer a high-end battery but also markets it at an affordable price.

The HDX20L design is backed by the latest AGM technologies that prevent any sort of battery drain and boost the charging process. The housing is absolutely sealed and protected from leakage so that the user can feel safe while riding a bike. The product is user-friendly thanks to the terminals helping to provide a reliable connection with the current, while steel bolts allow installing the battery in any orientation.

The battery is fit to all types of motorcycles and no way inferior to the original one it replaces. The maintenance boils down to monthly charging that is needed to stop the battery from harmful self-discharge. This ThrottleX model is compact and convenient in use. At this price point, you will get a high-quality battery providing enough energy for a fairly long period of time.

  • The battery starts the bike right up.
  • The installation process is simple and quick.
  • The ThrottleX is poorly resistant to extreme temperatures and likely to go dead if you leave it for long in a bad climate.

Chrome Battery YTX14-BS

Chrome Battery YTX14-BS
This rechargeable battery is a wise option for those drivers who expect to get the highest safety while using their motorcycles.

The Chrome Battery design is represented by a smart combination of an LED digital display and built-in monitoring system intended to keep track of a battery condition. The screen lets the user be constantly aware of the voltage level, the remaining charge, as well as any errors that may happen during battery operation.

What is also amazing about the YTX14-BS is that the system records the time when the battery begins functioning. Based on that, the biker can approximately estimate the battery service life which usually involves about 1,000 times of charge.

The battery case is properly welded and sealed. This makes the battery highly durable and pretty resistant to vibrations that are typical for motorcycle riding. The Chrome Battery is easy to install and maintenance-free. Upon delivery, you can mount it into your bike and immediately go on a trip.

Of all the motorcycle battery reviews, the YTX14-BS model features the highest usability and can be viewed as the best AGM motorcycle battery for travelers who seek smooth and trouble-free riding with the minimal risk of battery breakdown.

  • The price is extremely cheap.
  • It takes usually up to 5 seconds for a battery to start up.

ZPC Battery ZPC-YTX14-BS

ZPC Battery ZPC-YTX14-BS
This ZPS battery is quite attractive in terms of both price and specs. With advanced technologies implemented in the battery design, it has every chance to be called the best motorcycle battery.

The ZPC-YTX14-BS can be used in any terrain vehicle, which allows the user to feel free in its application. The smart AGM technology ensures high performance and external durability and makes the product user-friendly. The battery needs no maintenance and requires only solid connection to the equipment in need of charge. Its life service twice exceeds that of a similar battery and includes approximately 2,000 charges. The case is protected from leakage and completely resistant to vibrations, which is important for those motorcyclists who mostly ride out on the rough roads.

Since the ZPC-YTX14-BS self-discharge rate is extremely slow, I’d recommend it to bikers going on long-distance tours. With high cranking amps and the extended holding time, this battery offers extreme power and ensures safe and reliable riding even to green bikers.

  • The mounting bolts and nuts are included in the set.
  • The price point is exceptionally low.
  • The case is made of plastic and not very firm.
  • It is not fit to high compression engines.

Best Lead Acid Motorcycle Batteries

Yuasa YUAM320BS

Yuasa YUAM320BS
This 12V battery is an ideal replacement for your dead motorcycle battery. With the advanced lead-calcium technology lying at the core of the YUAM320BS design, the battery is able to hold charge three times longer than a conventional lead-acid battery does.

The Yuasa model delivers amazing cranking performance and allows using the battery in purely cold climates without impairing its chemistry. The battery is spill-proof and resistant to corrosion. Likewise, it is insusceptible to shocks that occasionally can provoke draining in other less stable batteries.

The case is made of rigid materials that boost battery durability and minimize the risk of breakage during riding. The installation is accomplished using steel bolts that help mount the battery at any angle.

This battery is not the cheapest one on the list of the best motorcycle batteries, but you will get an incredibly compact and high-power battery that can provide your favorite bike with the most energy ever.

  • The cables and fittings included are of high-quality.
  • Based on the manual, the battery lifetime is about 5 years.
  • You will have to add the electrolytic fluid to the battery before installing it.
  • The charging time is 8 to 12 hours.

ExpertPower EXP1270

ExpertPower EXP1270
This battery is a good choice for motorcyclists who seek increased usability and high power combined. Despite an appealing price, the EXP1270 possess lots of tech advantages that can boost bike performance.

This 12V battery is fit to operate in extreme climates. The box is made of superior hardened plastic, which allows the user to embed it in bikes as well as a variety of electric devices, such as lighting, alarm systems, and even some medical equipment. The ExpertPower is also immune to leakage and shocks, which is a huge advantage for those bikers who like extreme riding.

The battery is set to work during 20 subsequent hours. If no negative impacts are observed, its lifespan will be up to 5 years. The battery does not require special maintenance but only timely and correct charging.

The EXP1270 installation is one-step and simple. The battery can be mounted in any position and adjusted using the valves. I’d call it the top rated motorcycle battery in terms of usability and versatility.

  • The battery has an extremely low price point.
  • The charging time lasts about 4 hours.
  • It is challenging to disconnect the wire harness from the old battery.
  • It needs a smart charger.

Buyers Guide

How to Check Your Motorcycle Battery?

If your bike doesn’t start and you’re positive the reason is a bad battery, there are a couple of ways to make sure the battery is a problem. The first method to check the battery is to turn on headlights. If they glimmer, it is a clear indication that the battery is on the edge of getting discharged. This trick is effective when you are far from your garage and have no relevant tools with you to measure the battery charge.

If you have access to a multimeter, you should use it first to determine your battery condition. Connect the leads to corresponding ports and set 20V DC. The multimeter will show you the voltage level based on which you will understand the battery condition. If the voltage is extremely low, it is likely to be dead and can no longer be used.

You can go even further and follow a more unusual method to diagnose your battery. Connect the multimeter with the battery as in the previous scenario. Now active the starter and make it spin at the usual speed. At this point, you should check at which level the voltage remains during 10 seconds while the starter is spinning. Normally, it should fall below 9.6V position.

Finally, if none of these methods comes in handy for you, try to charge it. If there is no result, my advice is just to purchase a new replacement. Probably, the battery has just become obsolete.

What is the Best Motorcycle Battery?

Before making a buying decision, here are a number of essential criteria to consider.


There is no versatile battery for all motorcycles. You should inquire about the right dimensions and weight beforehand. Some manufacturers deliver foam to install the battery firmly. You should know for sure which battery size your bike needs not to get disappointed with your purchase in the end.

Power capacity

Normally, the majority of batteries have 12V power. However, lower voltage levels are typical for smaller bikes that do not require a high specific voltage and high-power cranking amps. If you have no intentions of going on long-distance tours, a 6V battery will be perfectly fit to your motorcycle.

Self-discharge rate

The average self-discharge rate doesn’t exceed 1% on the condition that the battery remains at rest. However, it may reach 10% if your battery design is not backed by advanced technologies that minimize the risk of self-discharge to a minimum. For instance, a lead-acid battery is most vulnerable to getting discharged. As an alternative, you can use a smart charger that stops battery deterioration and keeps the chemicals in proper condition.


With an infinite variety of products on the US market, any motorcyclist can find lots of budget-friendly options. Though both products may have the same price point, their quality and materials can be absolutely different. To get a high performance motorcycle battery, you should make sure battery specs fully comply with the price. Extremely cheap product look attractive but are most likely to go bad within a few months making you struggle with the same battery problems anew.

Top Tips for Charging Batteries Without Damage

Self-discharge is the biggest fear of all batteries. While some of them can be brought back to life, others cannot deal with self-discharge and remain dead forever no matter how many times you try to charge it then.

Here are the top important rules for charging a battery correctly.

  1. Check your battery type
  2. A battery type usually says to you whether you can use any charger or need to have a special one. Some manufacturers warn bikers that only a specific charger is compatible with the battery they produce. If you ignore this precaution, it is only you to blame when your battery goes dead in less than a month. For example, a lithium battery is the most sensitive of all motorcycle battery types, and you must you a trickle charger to maintain it in normal condition.

  3. Choose the right charger
  4. A trickle charger has a very simple working principle. You plug it in and wait until your battery gets fully charged. The challenging part is that you should always monitor the level of charge and disconnect it before the battery starts being killed by overcharge. This type of charge is absolutely manual and requires human assistance to charge batteries safely.

    A float charger is more advanced as it is able to switch to floating mode once a battery has reached the complete charge. Here, the charging process should not be monitored because a battery is not at risk of overcharging.

    A smart charger is the most powerful one. It is able to analyze the battery condition and set the most appropriate voltage level. The smart charger can also slow down desulfation and revive dead batteries that cannot be recovered with a trickle charger. It is literally the most user-friendly charger offering the highest safety, but unluckily, it is not compatible with all types of batteries. In particular, batteries that cannot deal with pulsing, like a lithium battery, are not compatible with smart chargers. Hence, you should inquire about battery compatibility and characteristic in advance of your purchase. This is a sure-fire way to minimize the risk of getting your battery to damage caused by a user’s ignorance.