Why getting the best lawn tractor battery is so important? Lawn tractors usually have to tow carts or other attachments and they need lots of power to handle the tasks. Therefore, their proper performance depends on the dedicated lawn tractor batteries that usually have a long life to escape frequent replacement and allow tractors working at full capacity.

It’s rather challenging to pick the best lawn tractor battery focusing solely on the external characteristics since they look very similar to each other. How to find out the most meaningful specs of several models in order to compare them and reveal the right item? The following descriptions are based on the practical experience that allows making objective conclusions.

The compilation below deals with the spill-proof units that are resistant to vibrations. It also includes tips on how to feed the lawnmower batteries and maintain them if necessary, how to install them, and use correctly.

Lawn Tractor Battery Reviews

Mighty Max Battery 12V 35AH

Mighty Max Battery 12V 35AH
This battery for riding lawn mowers spins plenty of the garden tractor’s models. However, it’s better to check the product’s dimensions and specs before being convinced that it will fit the machine. Note that the description gives the height as 7.13 inches that include the battery posts in this measurement.

The unit is completely sealed that’s why the fluid doesn’t leak out when the unit is upside down. There’s no need to charge it frequently and it’s possible to leave it inside the machine for winter but only if keeping the equipment in the shade and protected from precipitation.

The unit features quick and easy machine starting from the very first key turn. It does its job when working on a project that demands lots of stopping and starting as it never shows any weakening. Besides, it’s easy and fast to install requiring just a few turns of the wrench, pulling the old unit out, and dropping the new one into place.

New hardware for attaching the cables can be found in the package, but it lacks wire harness and mounting staff. Bear in mind that this product cannot be revived – if it dies, the replacement is the only possible option.


  • The handle for easier carrying is a nice addition.
  • It’s possible to feed it even if the remaining power is very low – about 25%.


  • The bolt holes in the terminals are a bit undersized on one side, so the bolts don´t slide through them easily. It’s required to enlarge them with a drill.

ExpertPower EXP1250 12V 5Ah

ExpertPower EXP1250 12V 5Ah
When asking for the best lawn mower battery, consider this rechargeable unit since it’s rather versatile and fits even home security systems or a craftsman garage door opener. It’s possible to use it on the machines and devices (trailers or speakers, for example) with two types of the main sources of power and toggle between them. It even fits cameras to provide an external power supply.

In any case, it’s crucial to check whether the wire connectors and the terminal connectors match each other to avoid cutting and crimping wires.

Besides, it has a long run time before it will require feeding. The trickle feeder from a small solar panel can power the unit but only if the panel output is 13–14V and 10–40W. It comes with the attachments ends of 0.185 inches wide (F1), but one can acquire a pair of adapters if 0.25-inch connectors (F2) are needed. However, the F2 cables are connected tight enough to the narrower F1 terminals and it works fine.

The unit can be stored or used in almost all but an upright position. When it’s little over 30% of power, it’s getting full in about 2 hours.


  • It’s well-packaged with plastic covers on the terminals for safety.
  • It features low self-discharge.


  • It’s a bit difficult to get the wires off during the installation.


If looking for batteries for riding lawn mowers, pay attention to this unit but consider the machine’s size and voltage as the UPG UBCD5745 is non-typically small. Note that it’s a deep cycled modification that’s why it’s not rated for cold-cranking amps.

The maximum number of amps that is possible to pull from the unit are around 300W consistently with a 750 (1500 max) inverter and it is a good score, but it works in such a mode only for 20-minute. Otherwise, the voltage drops since it’s a heavy load. If going to hook this unit to a 1,000 or 1,100-watt electrical inverter, two batteries are required to make it work in a proper way.

The product works great when pulling 90W for two hours (that is near 14.5 AH). It provides more than an hour of mowing before the moment when it’s time to power the unit.

It is easy to install since it can be mounted on its side, upside down or right side up without worrying about the leaks. It comes with two terminals with a bolt going through them. The screws hold the wire. Such construction is suitable to replace the originals (that will cost twice as much) without the external terminals.


  • The battery is able to employ solar energy to charge.
  • The hardware for connecting the unit is in the package and it includes all the necessary nuts and bolts.


  • It might be necessary to drill the attachment holes to make them larger.

ExpertPower EXP12200

ExpertPower EXP12200
The lawn mower battery replacement can be a breeze if using this unit – a 20AH model with the power rating over 700 amps that can be used in a wide variety of applications. It’s compatible with the solar feeding panel, but it’s needed to check if a solar panel can be connected to the posts on the EXP12200.

The product fits the machines that need two of them. For that purpose, one should connect both units in parallel to produce a 12-volt battery with 44AH of discharge time. Don’t run them in series – positive to negative, then this negative to the following positive and that latter positive to negative terminals on two units.

The unit’s run time is 1.5 hours between feeding, but the motor size determines the period more accurately. It’s a well-built product having the terminals that come with short bolts made of stainless steel.


  • Good discharge rate – 12V at 1 amp per hour for 20 hours.
  • It’s possible to unscrew posts from the old battery and screw them into the new one if desired to keep it to the original format.


  • Not every garden tractor can accept this model since it has a top post system that uses a screw and washer type of attachment rather than the typical round lead post.

Universal Power Group 12V 35Ah

Universal Power Group 12V 35Ah
While looking for the best riding mower battery, don’t miss the Universal Power Group product. This unit was specially developed for golf carts, but it is fit to lawn tractors, harvester garden tractors, and other machinery perfectly as it’s compatible with the majority assemblies with motors. It’s able to generate 315 cold cranking amps (CCA) that is enough to ensure quick start in frosty weather. Besides, it starts right up at high temperatures as well.

The unit fits the space perfectly and is installed with no difficulty. It has no leaks and a better starting power as it turned the motor over even faster than the original battery. It works and holds the charge well. It would be good to give the battery a boost after installing since it is not fully fed out of the box. Besides, make sure the terminals are identical on the top of the battery.


  • No spills over rough terrain.
  • It can be placed in the tractor in any position.


  • A post was bent over that required straightening it out to hook it up to the machine.

Mighty Max Battery 12V 5AH

Mighty Max Battery 12V 5AH
When asking, “what is the best lawn tractor battery”, think of the Mighty Max. It’s a heavy-duty and well-made unit and because even if the connection is somewhat different, it’s possible to modify the wires and after that, it works flawlessly. If replacing a battery with the molded-in cables, it’s necessary to snip them and add the proper terminals to connect it.

The product is very powerful despite its small dimensions (3.5 x 2.8 x 4.2 inches). It’s a valve-regulated model that makes it possible to use it in indoor environments. It lacks some power and needs to be fed uninterrupted for 24–48 hours before its first usage to compensate for the losses. Consider the necessity to power it rather often since its capacity is just 5 amps.

The unit comes with the F1 terminals – this type of connector features 1187 inches in width that fits the most emergency light applications but needs modifying when hooking it up to the emergency power backup.


  • It has a good operating temperature range between -40F and 1400F.


  • It would be better to get some mounting accessories included.

Deep Cycle 12V 35AH

Deep Cycle 12V 35AH
This unit has no CCA rating since it is a deep cycle storage model and it can boost even a large 2-cylinder engine. The tractor cranked up immediately after the unit has been installed. The Deep Cycle 12V 35AH holds power well even with the relatively rare use. It features high vibration resistance from the most extreme conditions.

Once this mower sits for a while or it’s run out of gas, the starter has to be able to turn the engine over fast enough to kick the fuel pump in, as well as for starting. The latter can take a bit if running the tank bone dry. This unit copes with the misuse flawlessly, and when fuel is in the lines again, as it should’ve been if not running it dry, the tractor starts up almost instantly upon turning the key.


  • It comes fully charged and don’t need powering out of the box.
  • All the bolts and nuts are in the package.


  • It takes too much time to power the unit.

Buyers Guide

How to Feed the Lawn Tractor’s Battery?

It happens that the users see a low-powered battery right at that moment when the grass-cutting period starts. If it deals with the maintenance-free products, the dead battery should be replaced. If some power left, it’s possible to restore the unit using a suitable charger. So, how to charge a lawn tractor battery?

To that end, the typical charger is required whether talking about 12-volt or 6-volt batteries, as the majority of the feeders support a wide range of voltage. Note that the time of powering might differ and it depends on each product’s characteristics.

One should also bear in mind that some units allow using trickle feeders for an instant start even if having low power, but some products demand only slow powering to save their properties and serve longer. To ensure the battery’s good performance, it’s better to adhere to the recommended 2 amps per hour. Follow the next steps:

  • Hook up the feeder’s positive wire to the unit (it’s red and marked with “+”).
  • Then, connect the negative cable (it’s black and marked with “-”).
  • Set the necessary power rate.
  • Plug the powering device into the source of the electricity.
  • Control the process to prevent overpowering (skip if the device is fitted with the dedicated indicator).
  • Unplug the powering device.
  • Wait for a minute until the harmful gases dissipate.
  • Remove the negative wire first and then the positive one.
  • Connect the battery to the machine hooking up positive wire first.

Remember not to power the batteries right after running the machine as it means too much stress on the unit.

What Is the Average Lifespan of a Land Tractor Battery?

The majority of the lawn tractors’ owners usually ask “how long should a lawn tractor battery last?” as nobody wants to buy a new product every several months. The manufacturers usually give a 1-year warranty, but the good products work longer but normally not so long as the original ones (however, they are much cheaper).

The high-quality units can serve 3–5 years depending on usage. However, it’s possible to extend their life if never discharge them too much. It’s crucial to keep them fully powered after each use with the aid of the built-in charger. One should always be careful not to overpower them. It’s also required keeping them fed during the non-grass cutting season to prevent crystallizing and losing the ability to stay powered as a result.

Sometimes corrosion might damage the unit’s terminals. To save the battery, it’s necessary to clean them using special brush and cleaner. If the unit needs maintaining, check the water level and add distilled water if required.

How to Acquire the Top-Quality Lawn Tractor Battery?

The garden tractors and lawn mowers usually need 12-volt batteries, but it’s crucial to consider not only voltage but their other specs. It happens that people choose them when they fit in the spot. However, it might not have exactly the same dimensions and work well since both the size and the identical to original unit voltage, amp-hours, and connections are meaningful.

For example, some batteries come with the positive terminal on their right side and the others have them on the left side. To provide the right connection, check the machine’s requirements for the terminals’ location.

If speaking of quality, choose units with absorbed glass mat as this tech is intended to control the level of liquid inside the product. Besides, plenty of advanced products are resistant to vibrations that allow working on uneven surfaces. Design is also meaningful as the models with handles are easier for carrying them around.

Many products come with a CCA rating that indicates the number of amps that the unit can reach for 30 seconds at 00F. The most reliable and durable units feature more than 300 amps.