Find a reliable power of the source is extremely important. If you have a source of power, you will not be affected by the power outage. There are many solutions available nowadays in the market. If you look for an environment-friendly solution, then you should consider spending some time to find the best solar generator available to you. If you want to power the entire house, then you should focus on fixed models. Nevertheless, there are still many factors to consider if you want to know how to power a house with a solar generator properly.

Get the power you need

Powering a house with a solar generator is not an easy task. It is impossible to keep using all the appliances and devices. First, you need to determine how much power you need to generate. You should make a list, adding all the appliances and devices you are going to use. If you add all the appliances you have then you will need a considerable amount of energy, which batteries are not able to store. Therefore, you need to use the most important appliances only. Of course, you can use all of them, but in this case, the batteries will lose all the stored energy too fast – it also depends on the number of appliances and the power they need – the batteries may last for 1 hour only. Therefore, you need to decrease the required amount of power and one of the most efficient options here is to decrease the number of appliances or devices you will use.

Calculate the power

You need to calculate the total power you consume daily to understand how powerful the solution should be. It is necessary to check user manuals or labels of all the devices to find their power rating. Sometimes, manufacturers mention current only (measured in Amps) – in this case, you should multiply current by the voltage. Then, you should multiply the power by the amount of hours the device is on. Now, you get an idea of how powerful your solution has to be. If the value you get is too high, then you should consider avoiding using several appliances to decrease the required amount of power.

The batteries and the panels

One of the great factors about solar generators is that they can be used daily – they store the energy in the batteries and you can use it in the future. Therefore, choosing a model, you should pay special attention to the batteries capacity and performance. It also may be a good idea to get additional batteries. Therefore, you can store more energy. Your setup should also include a high-performance inverter. It is great if you live in an area where you have many sunny days. Keep in mind, that such models cannot generate any energy to store when it rains or snows.
Solar panels are the most expensive component, so if you damage them accidentally, you will have to pay a lot to buy new ones. Make sure that the solar panels always stay in the sunlight.

Powering the entire house

Can a solar generator power a house? – It can, and here are some important tips:

  • Minimize the amount of the power you need.
  • Check your batteries to make sure they perform well.
  • Consider getting extra batteries – you will have more energy, but you will need more time to charge them.
  • The batteries require some time to be charged – make sure you charge them when you can.