In search of the best whole body vibration machine not only to lose weight but also to replace regular exercises, potential customer can face some questions. Can that fitness equipment really help get in shape and slim one’s figure? Is it able to get people rid of visiting gyms and fitness rooms?

What Is Whole Body Vibration Machine?

A training device is based on a vibrating platform to produce tons of impulses in a second in order to make our muscles tighten up fast and intensively. That assembly has various building and dimensions for domestic use or to be installed in the gym. Different models allow standing, sitting, or lying on them. The advanced units offer a combination of those options. The number of vibrations per second is also diverse.

Usually, the machines have two types of platforms. The oscillating modification comes with the seesaw motion to simulate walking. Their main tasks are to burn calories and help lose weight. Tri-planar platforms mimic jumping and work at high speeds. They’re developed to enhance muscle mass and provide correct bone density.

Does Body Vibration Machine Do Its Job?

Still, the question is: “Do vibration machines work?”. The manufacturers usually claim on their following benefits.

  • Burning fat.
  • Weight loss.
  • Enhanced flexibility.
  • Improved blood supply and lymphatic flow.
  • No DOMS in the muscles.
  • Easy exercise without striving to pursue desire.

They say that it’s enough just daily 15 minutes of full body vibration to enjoy impressive results including eliminating cellulite and inducing collagen to look younger and have smooth skin.

The latest research showed the ability of the whole body vibration weight loss, but it can hardly replace jogging, swimming, or other sports activities. The American Council on Exercise is sure that they should be used together to provide the best results.

However, it can overtake them in some situations and even be more useful and effective. For example, such equipment is often used in clinics and spa (under medical supervision) to remove backache or to prevent decreased bone mass.

How to Use Vibrating Machine to Ensure Health Benefits?

If a person aims to correct some small body irregularities, it will be enough to use a straightforward machine with a stand position only. Pushups, situps, and other exercises are required to achieve results that are more serious. As a rule, small platforms are the most limited in terms of options. Thus, consider the machine’s dimensions when picking an appropriate model.

The frequency of vibrations is in the range of 15–60 Hz, but it’s possible to get the model with only 15 –30 Hz or 30–60 Hz. So, note the necessary frequency when buying a machine.

The best units are usually customized and feature training programs to offer the exercise regime that meets one’s specific needs.

The origin of the machine’s vibration is also important. For example, the cheapest models offer linear vibration that is good for muscle relaxation but not enough for weight loss. When dealing with sonic vibrations, such equipment is suitable for older adults because they produce the most therapeutic and gentlest vibrations.