The problem of usual power generators is that they are mostly too noisy, must be used outdoors, are often checked for malfunctions and filled with fresh fuel, in another case they will fail precisely when their proper operation is most needed.

Find the best solar generator is an excellent alternative: it is safe, it can work for a long time, it does not require to renew fuel, therefore it does not harm the environment.
Solar generators are made for a country houses or for traveling by car as a spare electricity generator 220 watts. Such generator capacity is pretty enough for any charger, laptop, TV, radio, lighting, etc. Long story short, any electrical equipment with a maximum total power of up to 200 watts.
If we talk about the capacity of the generator, the power range of generators on gasoline ranges from 0.6 to 7 kW. For the supply of electricity to a small-sized country house is an efficient installation capacity of 1 kW. This unit will conduct a modest lighting, TV, refrigerator, small gas boiler and low-power well pump. If the set of electrical appliances is wider, then you may need a gasoline generator with a capacity of 3 kW or more.
When you are choosing a generator, sum up the nominal capacities of all electrical appliances in your home and add an additional 30% – the power reserve to the highest loads that can be occurred if you will turn on the refrigerator, washing machine, power tools, and other powerful electrical appliances. Also, remember to determine generator size for your needs.
Gas generators recently gaining increasing popularity among owners of country houses. The power of this equipment varies from 0.8 to 24 kW and allows you to flexibly approach the choice of installation that meets the need of a country house.
The simplest solar generator 12 volt consists of a chain of 36 photovoltaic cells connected.
Due to the instability of technological processes, the purity of the crystals, the thickness of the silicon elements, etc., the parameters can vary considerably. So if all the photocells produce a current of 1 ampere, and one in the circuit produces 0.9 A, the total current will be 0.9 amperes. Similarly, if one piece of a smaller diameter is cut into the pipeline, the water flow will decrease. Therefore, before assembly into the battery, the photocells are carefully selected.

Can a generator provide uninterrupted power to consumers?

A generator cannot be a constant power source for many reasons:

  • The generator cannot work 24 hours a day, ensuring the operation of the refrigerator, as it has a limited motor resource;
  • Noise and fumes produced by the device will not please your neighbors.

A solar power station, even with a limited operating season, will pay off very soon, in comparison with the generator alternative. But installing solar panels on a house with winter operation still requires a backup generator.