If you don’t want to be experienced in all the negative effects of power outrage, then having a reliable generator is right what you need. Many different models are available to you and find the one you need is quite challenging. There are solutions which is different kinds of fuel. Getting the best solar generator is quite difficult because there are some factors to consider. Nevertheless, there are several best solar generator choosing tips, which may be extremely helpful for people who want to get a decent solution.

An environment-friendly model

Generators need different kinds of fuel – there are solutions which use gas, natural gas, diesel, propane, etc. However, there is a separate type of models – solar generators. Such models use solar panels to generate the power which is then stored in the batteries. This kind of models has several advantages over the solutions that use other fuel types:

  • Solar energy is completely free – you don’t need to spend any money on fuel;
  • It doesn’t generate any byproducts – it is completely safe for you and the environment;
  • It doesn’t have any motors installed so it is completely silent;
  • You can charge the batteries every day and use that energy when you need it.

Nevertheless, such models can be used during sunny days and that is the main disadvantage of such models.

Choosing the best option for your needs

Choosing the best solar generator may require some time since you need to check all the models available to you. Modern portable solutions are not expensive – they will cost you from $125 to $600 and even more. Manufacturers provide you with all the necessary accessories. However, you should remember that solar panels are the most expensive component so you should make sure that nothing will damage them. Luckily, such models don’t require any special maintaining, but you may need to check batteries performance after a certain period.
How to choose the best solar generator and where to start? – First, you need to determine what exactly you need. It is necessary to make a list of appliances and devices that you are going to use. It also helps to understand how powerful the solution should be. Include the most important appliances and devices only.
Let’s be clear, portable generator, that will cost you under $1000, cannot power the entire house for several days in a row. Portable solutions are great if you need a small amount of power, which is usually necessary to power small devices or a refrigerator. If you need more power, then you should consider getting a bigger solution, or install additional batteries or getting another generator.
It is extremely important to pay special attention to the installed batteries and their capacity. The energy is stored in the batteries and if you have high-performance batteries then you will have more power to use in the future.
You should also calculate how much energy you need – check how many watts the appliances need. It is necessary to check manuals or wattage signs. Then, you need to determine how many hours a day you use those appliances. Now, you need to multiply the total watts needed and the hours – it helps to decide the generator size. It also helps to understand if one environment-friendly model is enough or you need a supplementary solution.
Do not forget about the weight and the dimensions of the solar panels as well – make sure that the solar panels always stay in the sunlight and nothing can damage them.