If you have a reliable source of energy, then you can easily avoid any negative consequences caused by a power outage. Many solutions are available to you, but they all require fuel and some of them may require much of fuel, which will cost you a pretty penny. Moreover, such models may also produce hazardous by-products. The best solar generator models you can get are quite efficient and they output enough energy for the appliances and devices you have. This model is like standard ones, which use various types of fuel. You need to understand how to use solar generator clearly before you get one.

Get the model for you

Modern models aren’t expensive – you can get a portable solution spending from $125 up to $600 or even more. Usually, manufacturers provide you with everything you need. Such generators are provided with special solar panels. Such solutions include three important parts:

  • Power inverter;
  • Batteries (deep cycle models);
  • Solar panels.

Modern solutions have various outlets and different LEDs that provide you with the necessary information. Portable models can be easily placed wherever you want.

How should you use it?

“How to use solar power generator properly?” – This is a popular question among people who have bought one of such models. First, you need to remember that the efficiency of such models depends entirely on sunlight. The more sunlight the solar panel gets, the more power you will have. The idea is simple – a solar panel is used to get, and “convert” energy from sunlight. The energy is stored in batteries (that is why you should consider getting a model with high-performance batteries since it determines how long and how many devices you can provide with energy). That is why such models are extremely effective and useful during sunny, cloudless days.
You need to place the solar panels you have properly – there should be nothing that can cover the solar panel. Keep in mind that Earth doesn’t stand still and you may need to change the location of the solar panels during a day.
It would be smart to use only the most important appliances and devices you have – it will decrease the necessary amount of energy. Sometimes, a day may be cloudy, so you will haven’t much sunlight to generate the required amount of power.
Such generators don’t require any special maintaining. However, one of solar generator usage tips is making sure that you do not damage solar panels or the generator itself. It would be great to check batteries performance after a certain period of exploitation.

The good and the bad

Such models have such advantages as:

  • 100% environment-friendly – they don’t generate any byproducts, so they don’t need any additional accessories like a proper venting system;
  • They do not require any kind of fuel, so you don’t need to worry about fuel supply. Solar energy is completely free;
  • You can use the generator every day – you will charge the installed batteries and use the stored energy when you need it;
  • These solutions don’t have any motors, so they are completely silent.

Nevertheless, such models are not flawless:

  • They depend on the weather – the day shouldn’t be too cloudy. You cannot use such solutions when it snows or rains;
  • Such models can be used during day time only;
  • If you happen to damage solar panels – get ready to spend some money, since this component is very expensive.