Modern gasoline, diesel, gas, and the best solar powered generator are reliable equipment with many levels of protection. Special devices ensure the safety of the powered equipment and prevent the breakdown of the generators for any reason. Despite the fact that generators are protected from all sorts of negative factors, including those that are provoked by human actions, the importance of properly loading generator doesn’t lose its relevance.

Start-up of equipment, as well as its operation according to the rules prescribed by the manufacturer, reduces the likelihood of malfunctions and is a guarantee of the longest possible service life.

How to Running a Generator

When starting the generator, it is necessary to carry out the following actions:

  1. Check the oil level with a special dipstick.
  2. Check the fuel level in the tank./li>
  3. The generator should be started without load. That is if any devices that it powers are connected to the device disconnect them.
  4. Turn on the ignition.
  5. The air damper must be in the CLOSED position before starting.

In the future, the process will depend on which starting system is equipped with a generator.

This can be an automatic system, electric starter or mechanical start (manual).

Mechanical system

In order to start a gasoline or diesel generator set with a mechanical start-up system, you should pull the handle of the starting cord until the resistance appears. Next, pull the handle with one sharp movement. Do not release it immediately: returning the cord to the reverse position should be carried out gradually. If suddenly the engine does not start the first time, repeat the operation. After the engine has warmed up enough, you can open the air damper.

Inverter generator starts a little differently. Before starting, turn on the power, then set the knob to the “On” position and open the air damper. After you perform these operations, you can pull the starter cord.


Before starting the petrol generator or diesel generator equipped with an electric starter, you should make sure that the battery terminals are well fixed, and polarity is observed. Not all manufacturers produce generators equipped with a battery. In some cases, it has to be purchased separately. Starting the generator with an electric starter is performed using a special button on the control panel or by turning the key, as in a car.

Automatic launch system

An electric generator with an automatic starting system is turned on immediately after the main power resource stops the supply. Do not load generator that was just turned on. It is necessary to let it idle for some time so that the engine warms up sufficiently and its work stabilizes.