With the advent of free sale of solar batteries, a kind of confrontation between two generating systems arose: liquid generators and solar batteries. But few people say that these are complementary systems, and not mutually exclusive.

It is unequivocal to declare that the generators are inferior to solar batteries in all their characteristics and in all cases – utopian, as well as back, to declare that solar batteries are just an expensive toy – will also be rash. To understand how these systems can be organically supplemented, let’s take a look at their advantages and disadvantages according to solar generator reviews.

Is generator with solar panels required?

Let’s be honest. You cannot put these solutions on different scales and compare them with each other. These are various generating devices.

For what purposes the generator with solar panel is purchased?

Autonomous source (when there is no electricity at all):

  • for separate equipment – most often for a washing machine, a well pump;
  • to power the whole house;
  • as a mobile unit.

Reserve source (for cases of sudden shutdown):

  • for specific equipment – most often for heating purposes: boilers, circulating pumps, radiators, heated floor;
  • to power the whole house.

Working from one generator will lead to increased fuel consumption for idling and increased generator wear. Work on solar batteries without a generator on cloudy days will lead to an excess of solar panels. That is, solar panels are definitely good in clear sunny weather, and it will be stupid not to use this opportunity, but in cloudy weather, they will be of little use. The generator is bad in idle mode when there is a lot of fuel consumption.

The absolute majority of homeowners using a generator for autonomous power supply of the whole house sooner or later come to the option of using solar power generator and an inverter. And this approach is justified because to supply only one refrigerator per day will require at least 1 liter of fuel. These are indicators for a generator with a capacity of 3 kW.

For cases of backup power supply to individual consumers (gas boiler, circulating pump, refrigerator), it is completely unwise to use a generator, since due to their low consumption, the generator will almost always work in idle mode – therefore in these cases it is more practical (cheaper, safer, more convenient) to use a UPS – an uninterruptible power supply on batteries.

You can charge batteries from solar panels on bright sunny days or from a generator when the sun is low. Working on batteries will eliminate the generator’s nightly starts, and the night will pass in silence. There will also be duplication of power supply.