Whether we accept it or not, batteries are not forever. After a few years of devoted service, they are slowly approaching their end. However, you should not rush off to them away, as there are some secrets of reviving an old battery.

How to resuscitate a dead battery

The AGM technology is an advanced method of manufacturing batteries for high-class transport and machinery. It provides many positive characteristics at a time: high durability, increased leak tightness, enhanced efficiency, and no need of regular maintenance. It is for this reason that AGM batteries are considered a smart choice among all possible power cell options.

With such excellent specs, they might be expected to operate for many years to come. In reality, even the most powerful AGM battery is prone to deterioration. Once it goes bad, the user is likely to get stressed out as it is not cheap to find a replacement.

However, with a couple of techniques, you can recondition a damaged battery and keep using it as ever.

Technique #1

The first way to recover discharged batteries is more effective, so you should rely on it first. The point is to purchase a new charger backed by modern technologies. In this case, the best AGM battery charger must have AGM settings that eliminate the effects of sulfation that typically impair discharged batteries. Likewise, you can use a ring terminal to attach a dead battery externally. In the end, the battery is supposed to begin accumulating energy from an outside source.

Technique #2

This method to resuscitate dead batteries is more complicated and multi-step. You will be required to find or acquire additional equipment to pull it off. Here, the task is to create a trickle charger that would give power to an inactive battery.

Here is the list of necessary things:

  • Dead battery
  • Operating 12V-battery
  • Stopwatch timer
  • The correct charging unit
  • Voltmeter

Connect the batteries so that one positive terminal is juxtaposed with the other positive one, and the negative terminal is placed close to the other negative one.

Next, attach the charger to the operating 12-V battery and turn it on. Wait till the volts are measured, and let the operating battery accept charge and transfer it to the damaged battery.

Then, after a while, touch the recovering battery to make sure it feels warm. If it is so, you may be proud of getting your battery back.

If it feels extremely hot, you should halt the charging process immediately as the battery is not subject to reconditioning.

You can avoid this trouble, though, by checking the battery for acid leakage. Just see to its safety and integrity before you start charging. Do not risk yourself and your equipment by applying this reviving method to an untested battery.

Again, measure the voltage to know whether the battery being recovered has accumulated 10.5 volts. If it has, disengage the charging device from the performing battery and let the recovered battery keep charging directly from the charger.

Wait until the revived battery reaches 100% charge.

If you have completed all the steps successfully, your old battery can be of great use for you now.

Now when you are skillful in these methods, you are free to revive dead AGM battery any time, but do always stick to safety measures which require wearing gloves and safety glasses to minimize the risk of injury caused by acid leaked during charging.