There are some win-win solutions that ensure the battery’s longer lifetime and its proper treatment. It really needs special care because of some unique peculiarities. For example, it takes just a cycle to turn over its entire capacity in order to support the appliance ability to function for a long period. Besides, those products aren’t cheap that’s why special maintenance will make them serve longer and help save money. In addition, it would be great to purchase the best deep cycle battery charger that can also extend their shelf life.

How to Feed Deep Cycle Units? – 5 Useful Hints

  1. Control Power
  2. While feeding any system or vehicle, monitor the power of the battery in order not to forestall its decreasing of more than half of full charge (required amount is determined by the manufacturing company). To prevent mistakes, use such dedicated tools as hydrometers or amp-hour meters.

  3. Deter Sulfation
  4. Even the smartest deep cycle battery charging tips won’t help if the unit remains empty for a long time. In this case, sulfation is more than obvious because the substance inside the product are getting crystallized and its plates are getting cracked. In this case, even the most high-tech charger will be useless to feed it. To prevent the impossibility of the battery’s restoration, power it periodically, at evenly spaced time intervals.

  5. Stop Stratification
  6. The deep cycle battery charging instructions include the ban on partial feeding in order to avoid the imbalance of various chemicals inside the device. Run off it regularly and stir the electrolyte mechanically.

  7. Give Some Rest
  8. Too much heat is accumulated inside the deep cycle unit while it’s powering the system or equipment. Before feeding the battery, it’s necessary to give it some rest until it will be completely cool. Otherwise, it can burn out inside the vehicle.

  9. Equalize Regularly
  10. To provide the battery’s stability, it’s crucial to hold its cells balance. For this purpose, apply low current after the cycle with be recovered.

    Choose the Right Feeder

    Wondering about how to charge a deep cycle battery, a credible smart device should be mentioned that could provide the proper feeding process. Such a charger comes with three key functions. It powers, makes the rate of power optimal, and gives up when it’s necessary. The most advanced models feature extras that make them more convenient. It deals with such techs as, for instance, reverse pulse possibility in order not to let the battery heat while feeding it.

    The feeding time is directly tied with the battery’s specs. For instance, if it comes with 100 amp hours and a feeder features 20 amp rating, divide 100 by 20 and you’ll get 5 hours.