Let’s start with the traditional and quite commonly encountered issue of many users: “What a smart charger do?” This device is a relatively new thing in the modern market. As is usually the case with new products, many people have not yet heard of them or do not know how they really look. Moreover, they do not know why these devices are designed, do not know what they are used to and do not know the key principles of their operation.
At the same time, an extremely large number of people can not imagine a full-time workday without using a device known as a smart charger. Therefore, the most expedient is a brief explanation.

A smart charger is an external battery or a portable charger (battery) that allows you to charge another device at any time.

The principle of the smart charger

What is a smart charger, how does a smart battery charger work? The shape and size of the device resemble a smartphone. Usually, this is a small cube: 10 to 15 centimeters long, 6 to 8 centimeters wide and 1-3 cm thick. The device is extremely compact, so you can easily carry it in a purse, pocket or backpack. In a word: it is always with you, it can be used at any time, it does not take up much space, is not difficult and can be worn with you always.

Inside the best smart battery charger is a built-in special lithium-ion battery or lithium polymer battery – the same as in smartphones but with more capacity. This capacity typically ranges from 2000 to 20,000 mAh, this is an extremely important part of this device, which is worth paying attention to as it is the key parameter of each smart charger. This particular parameter smart charger several times exceeds the capacity of the battery of the average smartphone, which is equipped with batteries with a total capacity of 2500 – 3500 mAh. The smart charger can be charged and taken with you to connect a smartphone, tablet, or another device to it, giving it energy wherever you are – for example, in the forest, on the beach or on a train where there are no electrical outlets. The principle of each smart charger is as follows: after connecting through a USB cable with the corresponding input, the principle of the smart charger will be the same as the traditional electrical outlet, the device will quickly start charging your smartphone or any other device. It is important that such a smart charger can provide a large amount of backup energy. For example, a good smart charger with a total capacity of 10,000 mAh will charge an average static smartphone about 3-4 times from its fully discharged state until fully charged. This means up to 300-400% of the extra battery in your smartphone. With this portable charger, you can easily control your phone, for example, throughout the day off that you spend outside the civilization (without electrical outlets) and not to experience the phone being unloaded and powering out.

What to charge a smart charger?

The traditional smart charger gives a current of 5V and an intensity of 1 – 2 amperes. It can be used to charge small mobile accessories and a variety of consumer electronics: smartphones, tablets, laptops, navigation devices, Bluetooth speakers and many other things, which is why a device such as a smart charger has gained widespread popularity on the modern market of various appliances thanks to because it’s lightweight, does not take up much space, compact and extremely useful. You can easily use the device in:

  • At school, college and university;
  • At work;
  • In a vehicle – by bus, train or plane;
  • Fishing, mountain trips, mushroom picking, skiing, barbecue, beach, biking, hiking or camping;
  • In any other situation where you need to quickly and securely charge your personal smartphone, tablet, camera, laptop or MP3 player.

The price depends on the power of the smart charger – the higher it is, the more expensive the price, which is also dependent on its quality and on the brand.