An AGM battery is largely viewed as a durable and efficient power cell which outdoes lots of other battery types in the market. The chemical composition made up of two sulfuric-acid plates coupled with absorbent glass mat in between is the primary reason for enhanced performance of AGM batteries. It equally results in a more long-lasting AGM battery lifespan. Though in comparison with a flooded battery, a typical AGM battery has a more prolonged service life, there is a set of factors threatening to cut down its lifespan and of which you should be aware when dealing with this battery type.

How long do AGM batteries last?

The average lifetime commonly varies between 3 and 5 years in case a battery is not exposed to negative and damaging influences described below.

Wrong charging unit

No gel or lead-acid charging devices are suited to supply the current for AGM batteries. Instead, they only boost the process of battery deterioration until its death comes. The best AGM battery charger is the one having specific AGM settings that create the right conditions for filling up energy in batteries.

Harsh weather conditions

Even the newest and high-end AGM battery will get ruined in extremely hot or cold climates. Though a moderately cold temperature is no hazard to this kind of battery, it won’t be able to work well in extremes. It is for this reason that you should never place it close to an engine or areas prone to heat emission.

Risk of sulfation

Yes, the AGM technology provides increased tolerance to the formation of sulfates. However, they are still susceptible to sulfation when no current is supplied for a very long term.

Full self-discharge

An AGM battery has a low self-discharge rate and remains invulnerable to self-discharge in the even that you start charging it immediately after it has run out of energy. The key to having the battery healthy is its regular application. If you are not fond of frequent drive, this may have a dangerous impact on the battery forced to stand idle in your garage instead of delivering the most extraordinary performance.

How to prolong its life duration?

The user can extend an average AGM battery life expectancy by carrying out appropriate maintenance that involves several simple steps.

Firstly, make sure the battery remains clean and safe from exposure to sun or other heat sources.

Secondly, apply only the right charging unit which is designed to work strictly with AGM batteries.
Thirdly, try to use your vehicle frequently to avoid problems related to poor application.

At last, keep track of the ambient temperature in which the battery operates, as too extreme climates shorten its life time and impair the chemical structure.