Almost every driver has ever faced with such challenge like dead battery at the inopportune moment. It may happen when the music was turned on for a very long time, or you haven’t been driving your car for many months. The best solar car battery charger is an indispensable helper in unexpected situations that can happen on a road. The device which demands only the the sun’s rays to push some energy in the accumulator is very effective to help start the engine of the vehicle.

There are plenty of such solar-powered charging appliances that are suitable for drivers who often travel long distances, using all the privileges of multimedia systems. However, which one is good enough?

What to Look for in a Good Solar Car Battery Charge

The power is a significant criterion for insolation. Notwithstanding, there are plenty of solar chargers with only 7W of power. Even if the sun shines brightly, the current will be less than 0.3A. Respectively, the charging process will be lasting for about 100 hours or more. So, the 7W solar charger is rather bad choice for quick charging. In this case, you need to take a closer look at a device with at least 40W power rating.

The connectors are also important — it will be better to get several for having more options to select from. Don’t forget to take into account the length of the power cord: too short one will be restricting you. Although, they are not always included in the basic package. You may need to buy them separately, or you can even make them with your own hands.

An excellent solar tool must fit your needs. In other words, the size cannot be ignored. The large ones are often installed on the roof of a car, fixed by a silicone glue, velcro, or special brackets. There are more compact options that can be placed on a dashboard. They are made to slightly relieve the battery, powering the receiver, TV or other devices inside the vehicle.

Some Useful Tips on Getting a Solar Charger

Considering the solar car battery charger features, it’s also necessary to take into account that it won’t charge the battery with an incredible speed, even if it has a 40W of power rating. This process will take as much time as if you’ve been using a simple charger. The minimum charge period takes 9-11 hours.

Altogether, the solar chargers are bought with the intention to use it on an emergency basis, which is necessary when traveling long distances. Thereby, before getting any solar appliance, you have to carefully inspect its case to make sure that it’s reliable. The cabinet, made from a cheap plastic, will easily melt when exposed to direct rays of the sun. The case, made from a solid material (like aluminium, for example), is what makes a good solar car battery charger. And not only good but also enduring.