An electric bike is a bicycle with an integrated electric motor that partially or fully provides its movement. It’s convenient, universal, and fast while being eco-friendly as well. Fortunately, in the modern highly-technological world, you shouldn’t break the bank to get such an advanced vehicle as it’s definitely possible to find your best electric bike under 1000 dollars.

Despite the fact that the first electric bike was invented in 1890, its popularity is at its peak in modern times, when the roads are extremely crowded.

The e-bike distinguishes from the usual bike by the presence of additional components: an electric motor, a battery, and a controller. Obviously, the electric one has a lot of advantages in comparison with the usual one: it allows moving fast without getting too tired and is suitable for long-distance rides. The electric bike is also suitable for people with different levels of physical fitness as it allows dosing physical activity. Plus, thanks to the power boost, you won’t get sweaty while riding.

It also has something to contrapose to motorcycles and cars: when the e-bike runs out of charge, you can ride it as you ride the normal bicycle. It also doesn’t require time-consuming or costly maintenance. Plus, considering the annual cost for fueling, the electric bike turns out to be a much more cost-effective form of transportation than traditional cars and motorcycles.

Despite the presence of an electric drive, the e-bike is used in pretty much the same way as a regular bicycle and doesn’t require a driver’s license in most countries.

Of course, the electric bikes usually don’t come cheap and require some time to find an electric bike under 1000 dollars without sacrificing its build quality and performance. To save your time, we have done the hardest work for you. Our top picks will help you choose a decent vehicle that will meet all your needs (or at least most of them) without draining your budget. Additionally, our buyer’s guide will introduce you to some of the e-bike basics.

Electric Bike Under $1000 Reviews

Nakto Shimano

Nakto Shimano 6

The present model from Nakto is an e-bike for city commuters. Its design is specifically made in such a way to be comfortable for women. Both frame and front fork are forged of high-strength carbon steel. The frame is of a step-thru type and goes in glossy white color.

Being equipped with a bright LED headlamp, it can be used for night riding. It has a comfortable big saddle which is also adjustable. Additionally, it also includes a wide plastic basket for your stuff, located at the front of the bike.
There is a removable 36V/10Ah li-ion battery with a smart charger which takes 4-6 hours to recharge. The battery allows riding up to 28 miles on one charge. However, if you use only pedal-assist mode, you will save up to 70% of energy during cycling and you will be able to ride up to 28-35 miles.

This e-bike uses a 6-speed Shimano transmission system. It has front V-brake and rear expansion brake that ensure safety. With its rear-hub 250W high-speed brushless gear motor, you can ride at 18-25mph. It can offer three speed modes: e-bike, assisted bicycle, and bicycle. It’s possible to combine these modes.

With the weight of 57 lbs, the bike can withstand maximum loading of 250 lbs. The dimensions are 22-inch reach, 16-inch stand over height, 33-inch minimum saddle height, 26.5-inch width, and 72-inch length. The tire diameter is 26 inches.


  • It comes assembled at 95% in order to avoid damaging during transportation.
  • Bright LED display stays clearly visible even under the sun rays.
  • The waterproof wiring.


  • The headlight doesn’t stay upright during riding.
  • The bike is tough to stop.

Swagtron EB7


This model from Swagtron is a long-range e-bike with a durable and flexible aircraft-grade aluminum alloy frame. It has an ultra-bright LED display, headlight, paddle-shaped grips, adjustable seat, electric horn, and rear reflectors for safer riding. It goes in bright orange and black colors.

The Swagtron EB7 uses 7-speed Shimano Index Shifting which contributes to better precision and ride control. This is also a pedal-assist model which has a throttle-only range up to 19 miles on electric power alone on one charge. This e-bike can speed up to 18.6mph and has a 25° max climbing capacity. It also goes equipped with powerful high-torque rear-hub 350W motor which is protected from overheating thanks to an aluminum heat sink that helps regulate the motor’s temperature. Besides, this e-bike has installed dual-disc brakes.

You can switch between three speed modes (full throttle, pedal-only, pedal-to-go electric-assist) with the help of a dedicated button and reach the throttle.
A 36V li-ion removable battery, used in this bike, charges in a very short amount of time: it needs only 3-4 hours. The battery uses an intelligent system to ensure protection from overvoltage, overcharging, and overheating.

Thanks to 16-inch wheels with enhanced rear suspension, this e-bike can be used on rough roads. The tires are made of an air-filled rubber.

The Swagtron EB7 is a folded model with the following dimensions: 67 x 26.3 x 44.5 inches. The vehicle weighs 53,6 lbs and can withstand a max load of 264.5 lbs.


  • The key-secured compartment keeps the battery locked and protects it from dust.
  • The Swagtron EB7 has IPX4 water-resistant rating which means that you can safely ride under the rain.
  • It has low-profile, step-through design which is great for older people and people with mobility impairments.


  • Not recommended for big jumps due to thin tires.
  • The seat is difficult to adjust.

Ancheer Blue Spark

Ancheer Blue Spark

This mountain e-bike features a black and blue design with the frame and front fork made of an aluminum alloy.

The Blue Spark is equipped with 350W high-speed brushless motor and speeds up to 20mph. Thanks to 24-speed gear, the bike provides stronger hill-climbing power and has greater terrain adaptability. The front and rear disc brakes are mechanical and provide reliable braking even under rainy conditions.

This model is definitely one of the best e-bikes under 1000 dollars for off-roads thanks to professional mountain wheels with a 27.5-inch tire which absorbs all the bumps during riding. The rims are made of a double-walled aluminum.

This e-bike uses a large-capacity 36V/10.4Ah removable li-ion battery which allows riding for around 25 miles in throttle mode and for around 43 miles in pedal-assist mode. The battery charged in 6 hours and can be charges on/off the bike.

The vehicle weighs 53 lbs and has 330 lbs of max load capacity. The dimensions are 56.0 x 26.0 x 10.0 inches.


  • The large LCD display is clear and all readings are easy to read.
  • The battery is very securely fixed but easy to remove.
  • The battery can be plugged into any household outlet.


  • The battery life greatly depends on the weight of the rider.
  • The gears need to be tuned out of the box which may be difficult for an inexperienced rider.

Ancheer Sunshine

Ancheer Sunshine

Among all the other electric bikes under 1000 dollars on the market, this model from Ancheer is remarkable for having concise shape. It goes in bright orange and black color design and has an LCD display which shows motor power, speed, and battery level. This e-bike has an aluminum alloy frame and aluminum alloy double-walled rims for greater durability. There is also a high-strength steel front suspension fork.

The e-bike is equipped with 350W high-speed brushless motor which gives you enough power for a daily commute and even for riding on the mountain. This motor allows the vehicle speeding up to 20mph. It offers three working modes: e-bike, assisted bicycle, and normal bike (the modes can be combined). For switching between 4 speeds, there is a smart meter button with LED light. A burst of speed can be added with a throttle. There are also both front and rear mechanical disc brakes.

The removable 36V/7.8Ah li-ion battery is enough to ride for 30 miles. The battery can be charged on/off the bike (for 4-6 hours). It’s also safely locked on the vehicle so you won’t have to worry that it may be stolen.

This model is equipped with 26-inch mountain bike wheels. The vehicle weighs 52 lbs with a maximum load capacity of 300 lbs. The dimensions of the product are 55.2 x 9.07 x 28.37 inches.


  • Both the motor and the battery are water-resistant.
  • This e-bike is very easy to control as it is very responsive.
  • It has a good selection of gear ratios for normal riding.


  • Out of the box, the spokes require tightening.
  • The saddle is not very comfortable.

Emdaot 26


The Emdaot 26 is a mountain bike that goes in black and white colors. It’s equipped with a bright LED headlamp, horn, and LCD display. This model features an ergonomic design, with an adjustable seat, wear-resistant lithium tire (26 inches).
The Emdaot 26 has an aluminum alloy frame with double-walled rims, providing great durability and faster ride with less drag. The handlebars are made of an aluminum alloy as well. There is also a high-strength front suspension fork (made of carbon steel).

This model is equipped with a 250W high-speed gearshift system. A 21-speed transmission gives you more power as well as further range variation and better terrain adaptability. The front and rear mechanical disc brakes are very reliable and have great all-weather stopping power. Besides, the bike has a decent load capacity of 330 lbs.

A 36V/8Ah li-ion removable battery allows reaching a range of up to 15-30 miles on a single charge. It also goes with a smart lithium battery charger which implies an easy-charge requiring only 4-6 hours for a full charge.

This e-bike features a special 3-speed LED smart meter button which allows choosing the electric-assist power in accordance with your needs. It’s also possible to combine all three speed modes. This model can offer three types of riding: booster riding, pure electric riding, and pure human riding.

The overall size of the vehicle is 53.5 x 9.8 x 28.7 inches, weighing just 44 lbs.


  • This model uses a premium-comfort shock absorption feature.
  • It goes with a large tool kit so you won’t have to buy some spare instruments to assemble the bike.
  • The seat has an anti-slip finish.


  • Its power on uphill terrains is not really impressive.
  • The assembly instructions are difficult to understand, especially for beginners as there are no illustrations.

Aceshin 26

Aceshin 26

This Aceshin e-bike under 1000 dollars goes in black, white, and red. It’s made of solid high-quality materials: the frame is made of an aluminum alloy, the front fork is made of high-strength carbon steel, the wheels have a double layer of aluminum alloy. The seat is adjustable (from 32.68 to 37.80 inches). For a night ride, you get a bright LED headlamp. And for even more convenience, there is a power display that shows speed and power.

With its 250W brushless gear motor, you will be able to reach the speed of up to 15mph. In terms of controls, there is a 3-speed LED smart meter button (you can also combine the speed modes). The throttle is used to add a burst of speed.
A 36V/8Ah li-ion battery gives the opportunity to ride 15.5 miles in the e-bike mode and 31 miles in assisted mode on a single charge. The included smart lithium battery charger requires 4-6 hours to fully charge the battery.

The Aceshin 26 has both rear and front disc brakes for increased safety level and 21-speed transmission system which gives a great range for speed adjusting. Plus, thanks to the anti-slip and wear-resistant 26-inch tire, you’ll get the opportunity to safely ride in different weather conditions.

This vehicle has a maximum load capacity of 330 lbs while weighing 44 lbs. The height of the e-bike is 40.55 inches, the length is 64.96 inches, and the length of the handlebar is 26.97 inches.


  • It’s shipped with a very detailed assembling manual, so it’s easy to assemble.
  • The design of this bike makes it suitable for most tall riders.
  • The motor is noiseless.


  • The battery is not water-resistant, even a small amount of water can damage it.
  • The battery discharges quickly on an uneven road.

Ecotric 20

Ecotric 20

This model from Ecotic can work as the best folding electric bike under 1000 dollars for you if you don’t want to sacrifice power for portability and compactness. Being folded, it won’t take more space than a bedside table while providing a strong driving force with powerful 500W brushless geared motor (rear-mounted). It’s shipped in one of three colors: black and white, blue and black, white and blue.

This vehicle has a 36V/12AH li-ion battery which is also removable so you can recharge it in your home or office. It requires 6-8 hours to fully charge and also has battery lock and power lock functions. You will be able to ride this e-bike for 18-23 miles on one charge.

The Ecotric 20 has a max speed of 20mph and uses a 7-speed system. Plus, there is also a pedal-assist riding mode. This model can offer both outage and mechanical braking options providing an increased security level. The front and rear disc brakes feature an aluminum frame with linearness design. The tire has 20 inches in diameter. Being anti-skid, it can be used on snow, sand, etc.

However, note that it’s not a professional mountain bike. Indeed, this model has a certain climbing capability, but it’s not intended to be used on very long and steep slopes. If you want this e-bike to serve you for a long time, we recommend using it on paved mountain roads.

The dimensions are 69.6 inches of total length; the height from the handlebar to the ground is 45.3 inches; the height of the saddle to the ground is 33-38.9 inches (adjustable); the center distance of two wheels is 46.6 inches.


  • The tires’ frame is lightweight, so the bike has great aerodynamic properties.
  • It has an impressive, as of its dimensions, a weight capacity of up to 240 lbs.
  • The Ecotric 20 holds battery charge even when it’s not used for a long time.


  • Having 57.3 pounds of weight, it’s a bit heavy as for a folding model.
  • The bike rattles a bit during riding.

Video Ecotric 20

Nakto 26

Nakto 26

In search of the best e-bike under 1000 dollars, the Nakto 26 should be considered as well. It comes in an all-black design with a basket attached to its front end. Both the frame and the front fork made of high-strength carbon steel. The e-bike itself weighs 65 lbs.

The seat is adjustable. Being equipped with front high-brightness night light, it ensures safe riding in a poorly lit environment.

The vehicle is equipped with high-speed anti-skid 250W brushless motor (rear-hub) which provides the strong impetus. The speed easily increases to 20-26mph. The bike uses a 6-speed shifting system and can offer 3 riding modes: pure electric riding, booster riding, and pure human riding. It has a front V-brake and rear expansion brake.

A 36V/10Ah li-ion battery comes along with a charger (takes 3-6 hours to charge the battery) and provides riding up to 18-28 miles on one charge. The battery can be locked or removed. The charger protects the battery from overcharging, overvoltage, short circuit, overcurrent, and doesn’t get too hot while charging.


  • The Nakto 26 provides smooth riding, being stable on the uphill.
  • The e-bike’s construction makes it suitable for elders.
  • The provided horn is very loud.


  • The paint is not of a high-quality and it’s easy to leave scratches on the bike’s body.
  • The front light may slip down during riding.

Ecotric 26

Ecotric 26

This e-bike is available in 2 colors: black and white. It goes with an adjustable seat, ergonomic handlebar (however, its height is not adjustable), and aluminum alloy frame. There is also an LCD display that shows speed, mode, battery level, and a number of miles you have ridden.

The bike reaches the max speed of 20mph. You will be able to ride up to 18-20 miles on pure electric power. This model uses the outage braking system and mechanical braking system.

The reviewed model is one of the most powerful e-bikes under $1000: it’s equipped with 500W brushless motor which, along with anti-slip wear resistant 26-inch fat tire allows riding off-road, as well as on sand or snow with ease. The tire is also waterproof and features a loophole design.

The bike can offer two riding modes: pedal assist and walk assist. The modes can be combined. Moreover, this e-bike uses a 7-speed system.

The Ecotric 26 is equipped with a 36V/9Ah removable li-ion battery which features battery lock and power lock functions. The charger is included in the package.
This model weighs 50.71 lbs and can withstand 220 lbs load. The distance between the wheels takes up 45 inches, the total length of the bike is 68,7 inches, the distance from handlebar to the ground is 32,6 – 38,5 inches.


  • The Ecotric 26 allows setting the speed limit.
  • The body has a high-quality anti-scratch finish.
  • The controller doesn’t get hot even after 14 miles on a full throttle ride.


  • It’s a little bit difficult to pedal.
  • The glass on the display is easy to break.
  • This e-bike needs a non-standard charger so it can be hard to find a replacement.

Cliensy 26

Cliensy 26

The Cliensy 26 is one of the best electric bikes under 1000 dollars in terms of versatility as it’s suitable for commuters, casual and senior rides, as well as for sports fans. This model is available in one of three colors: green, blue, and red. For driving in the dark, this e-bike goes equipped with a bright LED headlamp, horn, and LCD display. The frame is forged of an aluminum alloy.

The Cliensy 26 comes with 3 cycling modes: e-bike for long-time travel, assisted bicycle, and bicycle. You can combine these modes as well.

The present electric bike has a 36V/10Ah li-ion battery which supports ridding from 18.5 miles (in e-bike mode) to 37 miles (in assisted mode). Besides, there is also a smart lithium battery charger that provides fast charging (4-6 hours).

This vehicle uses a keyless system which means that you will never have to worry about losing keys. All you have to do to start riding is press the “M” button for 2-5 seconds (till the display light is on) and that’s all.

This model is provided with a 350W brushless motor which produces a maximum speed of 20mph. The Shimano 21-speed gear gives you more power to climb the hills. The dual-disc brakes provide great all-weather stopping power.

The vehicle weighs 48 lbs while being capable of withstanding a maximum load of 330 lbs. The full length is 64.4 inches, the handlebars length is 26.7 inches, and the seat height can be adjusted from 30.4 to 39 inches. The diameter of the tire is 26 inches.


  • The wheels are strong being suitable for easy moving on different surfaces.
  • The Cliensy 26 starts up pretty fast.
  • It’s equipped with a comfortable cushion saddle which is well-suited for long rides.


  • The charger heats up a lot during charging, so you have to be careful.
  • It may be unstable when riding downhill.
  • The battery charge indicator is not always accurate.

Buyer’s Guide

Technical Features Of Electric Bike

The bike usually looks and even weighs as a traditional one. However, riding the electric bike feels a way more different as it extends the normal two-wheel possibilities. Thanks to the integrated motor, you are getting more control over riding. Plus, you can haul cargo more easily or just enjoy an extra power boost which is especially useful when you ride on an uneven road, for example.

Three Classes of Motor Assistance

Electric bikes differ from each other by the level of motor assistance, being divided into three classes. Before buying an e-bike, it’s necessary to figure out which class will work better for you and your requirements:

  • Class 1. You need to pedal for the motor to kick in. The motor starts working when the speed level reaches 20mph. The e-bikes of this class are well-suited for beginners. They are also the most affordable ones. They allow riding on city streets and some bike paths. They are also allowed on mountain-bike trails but not on all of them, so it’s necessary to check access in advance.
  • Class 2. They provide a pedal-assist feature to up to 20mph while also offering a throttle-powered mode. Normally, they are allowed in the same places as the e-bikes of the first class as in both cases you need to reach 20mph for the motor to kick in. Obviously, it’s a more expensive option as it provides more power.
  • Class 3. They are only pedal-assist. The assistance continues until you reach 28mph. They are popular not only among the usual commuters but also among the errand runners being a way faster and more powerful than the class 1 and class 2 e-bikes. Accordingly, this is the most expensive class. Thanks to the additional power, they help in keeping up with traffic better. They also can withstand heavy loads and let ride on hills. However, they are not allowed on most bike paths and mountain-bike trails.

It’s essential to check the access rules for the places where you plan to ride before choosing the e-bike of a certain class. They vary from state to state (as well as from country to country) and depend on the law, licensing, registration, and age restrictions.

Electric Bike Batteries

A power plant is one of the most important things of each e-bike. Being supplied with a powerful motor, it gives you more speed and more torque to climb hills, haul cargo, and keep up with traffic. However, a powerful motor also makes the battery discharge faster.

There are a lot of factors that affect mileage. For instance, if you compare different electric bikes, you will see a wide range of characteristics: 20-100 pedal-assisted miles.

The battery’s capacity is indicated in watt-hour (Wh) — a unit of energy which equals 1W of power expended for one hour of time. For example, an e-bike with 500W motor and 500Wh battery holds the charge worse than the model with 250W motor and 500Wh battery.

On average, an electric bike requires 3-5 hours to fully charge. However, the batteries with large capacity will need more time to recharge. Most e-bikes come with a charge that you can carry with you. Plus, it’s also possible to purchase faster and better charger if you want to.

Some electric bikes allow using up to two batteries simultaneously. This way, it lets you have a much longer ride. You can also carry an external battery with you instead of a charger.

Mid-drive & hub-drive motors

The mid-drive motors are located on the bottom bracket. Such a motor is used in a variety of e-bikes as it has several advantages. It’s lightweight and contributes to better balance and stability.

The hub-drive motors are located inside the rear wheel hub. They create a feeling that something pushes you forward as they direct pedal power to the rear wheel. It’s difficult to change the flat on the wheel with the hub drive mount. The front-hub drive motors work similarly to front-wheel-drive cars. They also allow using a standard bike transmission on the rear of the bicycle.

The torque is important for hilly roads and heavy loads. It measures in newton-meter (N⋅m) ranging from 40 N⋅m to 80 N⋅m. The torque is changeable, varying in accordance with the level of pedal-assist.