If you dedicate all your time to your writing career, finding the best laptop for writers can be very challenging. It often happens that people working in the writing industry have no clue how to choose a decent device for their needs. The main aim of this article is to acquaint the readers with great writing laptops and help them choose the one that will be a great aid to their career for a long time. In fact, these 8 devices can be characterized as the most affordable but effective laptops for writers. What is more important, this article also teaches individuals what aspects should be taken into account when purchasing a laptop for writing purposes mostly. Read this article carefully and you will quickly learn how to opt for the best laptop for typing!

Laptop for Writers Reviews

Apple MacBook Air 13


What you get when purchasing this laptop, you get a powerful device with as much as 8-GB RAM and 128GB SSD storage. Its dual-core Intel Core i5 processor can work at 1.8 GHz to ensure super-fast performance even when multiple windows are open simultaneously. I think it is quite useful that the laptop comes with two USB 3 ports, which is especially effective with Apple’s amazing touchpad. The availability of the SDXC slot makes this Mac even more versatile with its ability to read different memory cards. What I also want to be mentioned is that this laptop can be also used for a wide range of purposes besides writing, though gaming is not included here because of Intel HD Graphics 6000 that works poorly for gaming. While 13.3-inch LED-backlit widescreen display can be a bit modest for movie-lovers, this is still a perfect diagonal for writing. Another positive aspect is that this device also has a user-friendly design and weighs less than 3 pounds. Overall, I can recommend this model as one of the best MacBook for writers.


  • The overall performance is great. No issues with browsing the Internet and minor images editing.
  • It has a flawless build quality.
  • Extended battery life for up to 12 hours without an energy source.


  • It has a relatively small keyboard that is not that good for fast typing.
  • It does not have a Retina display.
  • No software updates.
  • Not enough SSD memory to perform heavy loads on the laptop, you will fail video editing, for example.

Video Apple MacBook Air 13

New Apple MacBook Air 13


This is another Apple’s laptop that fully deserves its place on the list of the best laptops for writers. Being a newer model, this particular device outperforms the Apple MacBook Air 13 in many different aspects. For example, this New Apple MacBook Air has a 256GB SSD, which is a good option for any writer. What I really like about this particular laptop is that it comes with stereo speakers, so it can be used for music purposes or watching videos. I also appreciate the fact that this device features the iconic wedge made of 100% recycled aluminum, so buyers can also contribute to resolving the environmental issues.
When returning to technical characteristics, this one boasts 8GM of storage memory and Intel UHD Graphics 617 that is not good at gaming. The laptop is provided with the advanced security technology Touch ID and the Apple T2 Security Chip, which will both help you keep all your information private. Moreover, this MacBook has a long-lasting battery that can deliver up to 13 hours of nonstop work. There are 3 USB-C ports for connecting other devices. Stylish design, a 13.3-inch retina display, and just 3 pounds of weights are what make excellent portability.


  • The model has great a high-resolution screen.
  • It has a pleasant keyboard for typing.
  • Super lightweight to bring it with you.
  • Highly sensitive trackpad, no need to use a mouse.


  • This laptop is very expensive.
  • No CD drive, card reader, HDMI, USB ports (except for type-C).
  • The MacBook started getting overheated during its testing.

Video New Apple MacBook Air 13

Lenovo Chromebook C330


I think that this compact model is a perfect fit for those writers who are fully focused on their career and have no desire to spend a lot on a device for writing their literary works. The laptop equipped with MediaTek MT8173C processor and 4GB LPDDR3 runs on Chrome OS that ensures good data processing. After testing this model carefully, I can confirm that this Chromebook for writers is designed in such a way that you can freely turn any space into a working place. Being a very thin (less than 1 inch) 360⁰ convertible laptop, this device can be used on a table, in the park, in the armchair or wherever. Additionally, this model has a huge variety of USB ports, one SD card slot and one HDMI input, so wonderful connectivity is also about the Lenovo Chromebook C330. At the same time, this model can become a real disappointment having just 64GB eMMC. Another negative feature is that this laptop has a small 11.6-inch display, so it can cause some serious vision problems over time. To sum up, I would say that this model is still a good option for writers, though it is not a very functional laptop providing multiple perks.


  • This laptop is sold at a very low price.
  • A pleasant keyboard that is ideal for typing.


  • It has a slow processor.
  • This item does not work well when multiple windows are open.
  • You can store data in the cloud only, and therefore, it is vulnerable to hacking.

Video Lenovo Chromebook C330

Acer Aspire 5


I truly believe that this particular model can be described as the golden mean for writers willing to have a modern device at a relatively low price. Initially, I would like to praise the manufacturers for providing this device with Intel UHD Graphics 620 Graphics Coprocessor and an up-to-date 8th Generation Intel Core I5 processor (3.9 GHz) that guarantees immediate execution of different tasks. This laptop features a comfortable backlit keyboard that also has a built-in fingerprint reader that ensures secure access to the device. Moreover, this model boasts extensive connectivity stuffed with a wide range of ports, namely USB 3.1, USB Type-C, and HDMI. At the same time, the Acer Aspire 5 has an 8 GB DDR4 RAM, which is a very decent result for a laptop in this price range. Having a large screen size of 15.6 inches, this model still looks very well having compact dimensions (14.3 x 9.9 x 0.7 inches) weighing 3.97 pounds. As it comes with a 256GB hard drive, this laptop provides a decent storage capacity. However, it does not work too long without an energy source, as its battery can give no more than 5 hours of independent performance.


  • The item is built of high-quality materials.
  • This laptop comes bundled with a 2.5″ hard disk adapter for a second drive.
  • The screen is bright enough to have this laptop for writing.


  • It can get quite noisy and hot during long sessions with the fan located underneath.
  • Quiet speakers even at the highest volume.

Video Acer Aspire 5

Samsung Chromebook 3


I can even say that Samsung has developed a surprisingly cheap Chromebook given the fact that it is made of high-quality materials intrinsic. However, you should understand that this device is a very modest one with limited technical characteristics. The Samsung Chromebook has a small screen size of 11.6 inches that offers a mediocre max screen resolution of just 1366×768 pixels. Nevertheless, these are still acceptable parameters for writers as this model is much cheaper than most other cheap laptops for writers with similar characteristics. The product’s 1.6 GHz Intel Celeron processor is a good one for an average Chromebook. In my opinion, its 4 GB DDR3 RAM is another upside of this low-budget device. The battery of this model is ready to provide users with sensational 11 hours of work without being connected to any power source. This feature can be of particular value for those writers who have a habit to work outside or away from home. Finally, I would like to mention that this Chromebook is pretty lightweight (2.54 pounds) and compact (11.4 x 8 x 0.7 inches). It uses 16Gb eMMC and comes with 100GB of free storage for two years from Google because you cannot store information in the laptop memory. To summarize this review, I can say that the Samsung Chromebook 3, 11.6 can be called one of the most effective affordable Chromebooks available on the market today.


  • The product works silently and rarely gets hot.
  • A lot of physical keyboard shortcuts running the top of the keyboard to get quick access to different programs.
  • There is a possibility to insert a micro SD card to expand the memory.


  • The item seems to freeze quite often.
  • The keys on the keyboard tend to stick forcing the user to hit them exactly in the center.
  • It doesn’t have a large built-in memory.

Video Samsung Chromebook 3

Lenovo Thinkpad E590


After testing the performance of this model carefully, I cannot leave this laptop without my attention. First of all, this model has a 15.6-inch anti-glare display that reduces eye fatigue and helps users keep their vision healthy. The second amazing thing about this laptop is a possibility to upgrade to 16GB DDR4 RAM that promises fast and easy performance. Moreover, this item also comes with a free Windows 10 Professional 64-bit and Integrated Intel UHD Graphics 620. However, I don’t think that its processor is good enough, as the main emphasis is made on the laptop’s RAM. At the same time, you can upgrade the storage memory to 512GB PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD and store plenty of large files. When speaking about the battery, it can provide around 12 hours of independent work. The product looks really great with thin edges and compact dimensions (9.9 x 14.5 x 0.8 inches) and weighs 4.7 pounds. Overall, this item can be characterized as potentially the best laptop for writers and bloggers due to its impressive technical characteristics and high-quality front camera.


  • This is a quick start laptop that takes just 10-15 seconds to go from power to actual work.
  • The keyboard is very responsive.
  • The updates come on a regular basis.


  • It does not look that good in terms of build quality.
  • Its battery discharges fast in a sleep mode.

Video Lenovo Thinkpad E590

Acer Chromebook 14


If you prefer the Acer brand, this Acer Chromebook 14 is probably one of the best laptops for writers on a budget right now. This model is equipped with Intel Celeron N3160 processor and has 32GB of storage memory. The Intel HD Graphics is for office work and not gaming. The Acer laptop runs on Google’s OS followed by anti-virus software. This feature ensures smooth and quick performance. Updates are set up automatically, so you don’t need to be worried about keeping up with technology. The reason why you should particularly consider this option is that it has a bunch of useful apps installed by default. Similarly, there is access to the Google Play Store where you can find even more specialized tools that will make your work more productive. The last advantage is the Google Drive with 100GB of free space that you can use to back up the most important information. The Chromebook is powered by a 12-hour battery that allows using it outside with no need to have an energy source at hand. The Chromebook has a 14-inch display and weighs about 3.5 pounds. If you are looking for the best laptop for writing a book, this Acer has every chance to live up your expectations.


  • The price is extremely attractive.
  • It is good at loading content-rich web pages.
  • The Chromebook boasts excellent video playback.


  • The maximum memory cannot exceed 8 GB.
  • It has issues with mouse connecting (sometimes the laptop loses connection, the cursor can disappear).

Video Acer Chromebook 14

HP Spectre x360-13t


Whether you need to do your PhD thesis or finish your next poem, this compact and handy HP will be of great use to you. You probably will be glad to know that its specifications are excellent and promise high-level performance. The processor is 8th Generation Intel Core i7-8550U that allows the laptop to operate quickly with five or more windows opened on the background. Besides, the HP Spectre has integrated Intel UHD Graphics 620. The 13.3-inch display cannot boast an extreme length but is still adequate to provide you with good readability and protect your eyesight from the strain. The memory holds 512GB is enough to store all your research and writing files without compression as well as create as many backups as needed. There is a backlit touchscreen in case you are not accustomed to working with a mouse or use your laptop in the dark. The HP specter has all the essential features intrinsic to good laptops for writers. Finally, the last and major advantage of this HP model is that it is energy-efficient and won’t consume a lot of power, eventually making you scared of your monthly bills.


  • The keyboard has a fingerprint reader that provides enhanced laptop protection.
  • Instant shape-shift between the tablet and laptop modes.
  • The HP provides the ability to turn off the laptop’s keypad.


  • The price is considerably high in comparison to similar laptop options.
  • The laptop doesn’t “wake up” after leaving it idle for a while or after the sleeping mode.

Video HP Spectre x360-13t

Buyer’s Guide

How to Choose a Laptop for Writers?

You might be not alone in your desire to find the best laptop for research and writing, as many writers worldwide also wish to find a good device that will help them finish their novel or short story or whatever. There should be no doubt that buying a reliable and convenient laptop can become a huge boost to your writing career. Obviously, an average writer should not be as demanding as a gamer when purchasing a new laptop, though there are still some aspects that might deserve particular attention. Here are the main issues you should keep in mind when trying to opt for the best laptop for writers.

Display size

For the reason that writing career requires many hours of typing today, it is vital for all writers to care about their vision a lot. Display size is exactly that feature that you should look at when searching for the best writing laptop. Surely, working in the text editor solely does not make such a negative impact on your vision, so having a small screen size is not such a big problem for a writer. However, when it comes to the necessity to browse the Web and find some valuable information for your new novel or a research article, it often results in many browser tabs open simultaneously. What a heavy load on your vision it can be switching between these tiny tabs! At this point, I believe that having a laptop with a display size less than 11 inches makes no sense. You should better squirrel some more money to buy a laptop with a larger screen, preferably that one having a good resolution and eye care technology.


I think this is another crucial aspect that might be in heads of potential buyers seeking the best laptops for writing papers. I assume that having a comfy and responsive keyboard is of great importance for any person earning money with writing. Therefore, it is always significant to make a little research with an aim to discover the properties of a keyboard on those laptops that you like the most. Reading reviews can be a great way to assess the keyboard’s convenience, though you should better test the laptop for yourself. Remember that what fits the hands of some other person does not necessarily fit your hands and fingers. Avoid buying those laptops that have a poor keyboard response, as this can cause in many mistyped words forcing you to retype oftentimes. I truly believe that a backlit keyboard is of great value too. So never compromise on keyboard quality if writing is your main source of income!


There is no secret that those persons involved in writing careers tend to travel a lot in search of interesting ideas to share with their readers. This is why buying a decent device with excellent portability features is a must for those writers or journalists who rarely sit at home. Weight is exactly that characteristic that influences the portability of a laptop a lot. From this perspective, even the best laptop for writing a novel can be of little help if it weighs more than 5 pounds and its owner is expected to travel a lot! Nevertheless, this rule does not work if you work at home solely and you have no need to write anywhere outside your home!

Battery Life

Finally, the aspect of battery life should be also considered when choosing from the best laptops for writing. As it was mentioned above, many writers and journalists are expected to travel a lot. Honestly, there is no guarantee that they will have an outlet at hand every time they need to use their laptop. This is where the excellent battery will say its word as the higher battery capacity you have, the more chances you get to use the netbook in any location. The same is true when frequent power shut-offs happen in your neighborhood. For this reason, you need to be protected enough and have an opportunity to continue your work and prevent data loss due to unexpected power shut off. My verdict is that the best laptops for writers must have at least 8 hours of battery life, given the fact that the charge is going to wear off over time.