Hand strengthening tools can help in various tasks from building a complete muscle relief to improving the piano playing skills. These devices vary in material, weight, level of the grip force. Find your best grip strengthener for any purpose!

Using the liana for moving along was potentially the best grip strengthener. Still, with the technical progress, the natural ways of improving the hand grip become limited. However, the firm grip is good for the first handshake, for developing rock climbing activities, and even for driving. In extreme situations, a strong hold on the steering wheel can save the lives.

Meanwhile, nowadays the primary users of the best hand grippers are bodybuilders and powerlifters. The former aim for the muscular forearms and harmonic outlook, while the latter appreciate the ability to hold more weight for a longer time, without much fatigue. Building the strong hand grip is crucial for their health, too, as having strong hands and forearms prevents the possible traumas and enhances the control over the weights or a barbell.

A hand gripper is a simple tool, with many models looking much the same for outsiders. Yet, getting deeper into the topic, I’ve found out there are many options to choose from that differ in build quality, force applied, adjustability and design. Out of the five top picks below, anyone can get the perfect grip trainer fitting his or her needs.

Best Hand Gripper Reviews

IronMind Captains of Crush Grip Strengthener

IronMind Captains of Crush Grip Strengthener
This versatile hand grip exercise tool is simple and comfortable in design and use. Two hands joined by the thick rod twisted into a spiral do not seem sophisticated; yet this device will become a single grip strengthener for its owner. The gripper is made of billet aluminum, which means the parts are carved out of a single bar and can endure long-lasting usage. It is additionally fortified by the steel alloy bringing more durability to the hand trainer. The coating of the hands has grainy texture ensuring a non-slipping firm grip and less fingers fatigue.

The grip strengtheners of this model are available in eleven sizes ranging from 60 lbs to 365 lbs of resistant power. There is a beginner set comprising the Guide, Sport, Trainer and Point Five trainers, and a professional one starting from No. 1 (featuring essential 140 lbs) to No. 4. However, even the entry-level gripper can present a challenge to those who are not used to grip training.

Still, the high-quality build and developed design of this hand workout tool serve to train all the muscles required to form a firm grip. With this trainer, the hands acquire a stronger hold, the fingers are more flexible and stronger, and the weight worked out seems less. The spiral has the right turn; still, the grip trainer is equally handy and efficient for training both right and left hands.

  • No squeaking at closing and releasing the trainer.
  • Steady non-jerky closing and releasing.
  • Hands are as thick as the barbells, great for powerlifting training.
  • The metallic smell on the hands after a serious workout.
  • The instructions are scanty.

Mandrill Hand Grip Strength Trainer Set

Mandrill Hand Grip Strength Trainer Set
The durable and modern-looking hand strengthening tools offered by Mandrill fit for different purposes and user’s parameters. The kit contains four grip-bound devices that can be used by right-handed and left-handed, men and women, without age limit. The mechanism of each tool is precise and made to adjust to the different loads and types of workouts.

The hand gripper is comparatively light in weight and has good ergonomics. It has rubberized handles and regulated resistance power that can vary from 22 lbs up to 88 lbs. The spring mechanism guarantees steady movement blocking the strains as caused by too fast operation or overload. The responsive resistance wheel allows choosing the optimal working load.

The kit contains a finger stretcher that can be used also for a warm-up before grip building reps. This sleek-looking tool is easy to operate, while the seven-spring mechanism ensures just the necessary resistance for gentle load and finger stretching. The springs are installed in two non-parallel rows providing uniform load distribution and efficient training for each finger. Its resistance makes up to 15 lbs letting the finger reps be hard enough yet effective.

This set of grip exerciser devices also contains a grip ring, which is great to use for training the wrist, warming up before grip strengthening, recovery exercises.

  • Full set for recovery and training, fit for computer users, musicians, athletes, and so on.
  • Comfortable to use for big and small hands.
  • Supplied travel bag is of good quality.
  • Cheap plastic build of the finger stretcher tool.

FitBeast Hand Grip Strengthener

FitBeast Hand Grip Strengthener
The grip trainers included in this diverse set can fit for any activities and type of user’s build. The size and material of the tools are perfect to provide the comfort of use and different type of load. The kit can be used as a rehabilitation set, with grip strengthener adjusted at minimum load. However, it’s a decent workout tool as well, with several options for warming up, working out and relieving.

The grip strengthener might seem somewhat loose at first sight; yet, it turns out to be rather sturdy. It has lengthened handles fitting the large hands, with soft rubber coating with spots, providing for a confident non-slipping grip. The spring mechanism can be regulated to produce from 22 lbs to 132 lbs resisting force, making it both a good starter tool and efficient grip and forearm strengthener. The cap wheel is easy to turn and adjust the force precisely, setting the load at the optimal level.

The finger training set comprises the finger stretcher and silicone trainer, featuring different resistance and way of workout. The stretcher feels well built, with the precise mechanism work. Its stainless steel springs produce 4 lbs resistance for each finger, making it a good training and post-training exerciser. The rubber finger band has milder load providing an efficient rehabilitation and starter training tool.

The set also includes the rubber ring with the 40 lbs force, and the grainy medium tension antistress ball letting the hands and fingers recover after the workout or strain.

  • Solid build with high-quality parts.
  • Free video set with the developed training program.
  • Lifetime warranty for the products.
  • Rubber trainers might be too stiff for weak hands.
  • Grip trainer is adjusted in the metric system (needs converting to pounds).

Prohands Gripmaster Hand Exerciser

Prohands Gripmaster Hand Exerciser
This versatile hand strengthener represents a forearm, wrist, grip, and finger trainer in a single package. It can be used for stretching the fingers one-by-one or simultaneously, fortifying the wrist, improving the hand grip. The build is solid, with both plastic and metal parts feeling sturdy and reliable.

The trainer has a comfy ergonomic base not wearing the palm and leaving no sign even after the long-lasting workout. The spring mechanism is engineered to provide an isolated path for each finger independently of other ones. The shafts are responsive while providing sufficient resisting force and developing fingers grip and dexterity. Getting all hand to work on this trainer potentially can develop a firm hand grip and builds stronger forearms. It can be used as the main trainer for beginners, the warming up exerciser for advanced athletes, or the recovery tool. It can be used for rehabilitating from a hand injury, improving the blood circulation, training the joints and hand/forearm muscles.

The producer offers a set of the grip strength gear of this kind, providing different working parameters. There are trainers to be chosen ranging from very light tension 1.5 lbs up to the 9-lb model marked by the producer as the Heavy Tension.

  • Stainless steel springs are firm yet responsive, with the steady forward / backward movement.
  • The mechanism works steadily, without sticking or wandering, at the preset resistance.
  • The trainers are offered in sets (e.g. Light / Medium / Heavy Tension) serving for a complete training cycle.
  • For average hand size only.
  • The finger pads might be slippery for small fingers.

MummyFit Grip Strengthener

MummyFit Grip Strengthener
The innovative design, sturdy build, and adjustment option make this unusual-looking hand gripper a good choice for everyday training and rehab purposes. Made of steel and thermoplastic nylon, this trainer is supported by a lifetime warranty testifying its top quality and reliability. The handles are long enough to accommodate even a large hand and are designed to ensure the tight grip. The palm handle is ribbed, while the “finger” one has wavy design making the seat for each finger when applying the force or resting. The spring and the resistance wheel are made of steel to ensure durable performance.

Still, the unique point of this hand gripper makes the spring position and the way of work. The spring is located under the handles joint and provides the tension due to its compression (not stretching, like with many other hands fortifying tools). Such design brings a softer movement of the handles and more safety since there is no risk of the tool breaking at the squeeze.

The grip trainer can be set for different tension modes, starting from 55 lbs and up to 154 lbs, with five positions in between. The regulation is easy and comprehensive letting chooses the fitting mode for each training.

  • The complete silence of operation allows using the trainer in any location.
  • The coating is produces no smell and nice to touch.
  • The gripper has a low profile and can be kept in a pocket.
  • The grip width depends on the tension setting (the more the tension, the wider the handles are).
  • The finger handle is too smooth and might slide in the sweating hand.

Buyer’s Guide

How to Use a Hand Grip Strengthener

Hand grippers are simple devices with a comprehensive mechanism. However, as in any other workout, certain rules should be adhered to in order to make the training efficient and safe. Follow the next guidelines to work out on a hand exercise tool:

  • Select the level. For weak hands, warming up before the serious workout or the first try in hand grip training, the minimal level would be good to go. Upgrade slowly, when you close and release the current gripper/setting easily for several reps. In this way, you will safely move on to the next level.
  • Find the right position. Wrap your fingers over the handle, with another handle in your palm.
  • Hand only. Make sure other parts of your body don’t move and you are comfortably seated.
  • Slowly make the fist-clenching movement with your hand. Exhale while doing this movement. Reaching the maximum close, stay for a while in this position. Then, inhaling, slowly let the gripper handles return into their initial position, controlling the movement all the time with your hand.

What are the Benefits of a Strengthener?

Using the grip strength equipment can enhance your sports experience and other activities in many ways. Here are just some of them:

  • Handshake. A firm handshake is a sign of a strong personality. Developing a strong grip can improve your reputation.
  • Activities. The majority of activities is connected with the grip in some way. Musicians, artists, rock climbers, dog trainers, and many other specialists rely on the grip quality in their work.
  • Workout. Stronger hold on the bar offers longer workout and more weight to work with, as well as enhanced control over it.
  • Good looks. Having your forearm as trained and muscly, like the rest of your body is attractive for sure.

How to Choose the Best Grip Strengthener

When picking the grip trainer, consider the following issues:

  • Type. The hand grippers can be coiled or sprung, with expanded or compressed spring; they can engage all fingers in a grip or have options for training each one individually.
  • Material. Metal and other durable materials, well-fitting parts are preferable.
  • Resisting force. Define your level and work steadily on improving it.
  • Adjustability. While adjustable models are more versatile, they also tend to be more breakage-prone than fixed units.
  • Comfort. The feel of the tool in the hand is important for a long-lasting efficient workout. It shouldn’t slide or feel too tough.
  • Sound. Silent-working grippers can be used in the diversity of locations.
  • Portability. Having a grip trainer along, you can work on your grip everywhere. See that it fits your usual purse or bag.