Household duties are not the most exciting part of life. All people want to live in spotless dwellings, but few can stand dealing with dirt, especially when it comes to a toilet. This is literally the worst place in the apartment that takes not only a big effort but the courage to clean all the grime hidden under the rim of a bowl.

Luckily, there are many good cleaning tools among which you can choose the best toilet brush that would help you in handling old and hard-to-clean stains. Think about all the benefits you could get with it: fast and rare cleaning, less usage of cleaning agents, and better smell in your bathroom.

Global cleaner manufacturers designed different types of bowl cleaners that let you stay safe from nasty chemicals. Besides, innovative brushes do not harm the surface of your bowl and leave no water footprints on your floor. They look as part of your bathroom décor and complement your room in a smart manner.

Here are 7 most stunning toilet bowl reviews outlining the merits and demerits of cleaning brushes coming from various US brands. Read about all of them carefully to decide which best toilet brush is the one to give lots of beauty and comfort to your toilet.

Toilet Brush Reviews

simplehuman Toilet Brush with Caddy

simplehuman Toilet Brush with Caddy
This toilet scrubber has a minimal but stylish design that allows you to clean the toilet rapidly and effectively. The extraordinary crescent shape helps easily clean hard-to-reach places, whereas outer bristles deal with the toughest stains. Unlike common toilet brushes, this swab is held by a magnetic collar that does not let it fall out when you move this set to another place. The collar also prevents the brush from dripping during transportation. The rod is made of high-class steel and boasts amazing durability. This means that the operating life of this toilet brush is completely defined by your maintenance efforts.

The toilet swab is very compact and won’t take lots of space in your toilet. It can be hidden in the storage room when not in use. The unit comes in two classic colors, black and white both of which are a good match for every décor and interior. The brush is medium-sized and won’t become a conspicuous thing in case you decide to keep it in the toilet.

What you may also like about this model is that the brush can be replaced once it gets out of order. The replacement procedure is pretty simple and requires you just to screw off the old head and screw on a new one. The simplehuman toilet brush is most suited to buyers who look for a durable and high-quality brush that features an extremely long lifespan.


  • The brush is easy to use.


  • The steel rod is not protected from rust.
  • The price is a bit elevated and affordable for a few shoppers.
  • The shape is good at cleaning the rim but bad at rubbing the lower part of the toilet bowl.

Mr. Clean 440436 Turbo Plunger and Bowl Brush

Mr. Clean 440436 Turbo Plunger and Bowl Brush
Mr. Clean is famous not only for strong cleaning products but powerful bowl brushes too. This toilet cleaner brush has an innovative design that allows for quick and perfect cleaning of your toilet.

The soft-grip handle lets you reach even the dirtiest places. It is made of rubber and durable plastic that is sturdy enough to help you with the clogged toilet. The handle size is 12.5-inch. It is the perfect length that provides good flexibility in scrubbing away the grime in any part of the bowl. The caddy is remarkable for a non-slip base that is fit to any floor surface and prevents the bowl brush from sliding. The turbo plunger lets you achieve the desired effect much faster and greatly cuts down the time you typically spend cleaning your toilet.

This cleaning kit is relatively small and easily portable. You can use it only on occasion while keeping it somewhere in the closet when there is no need in it. The Mr. Clean 440436 has an attractive look based on the mix of blue and white. The major advantage of this cleaning set is a storage compartment where you can keep extra caddy disks.

The Mr. Clean 440436 is absolutely the best toilet bowl brush for those buyers facing difficulties in cleaning hard-to-reach areas of the bowl. Its one-of-a-kind brush coupled with a superior turbo plunger will keep your toilet clean for long.


  • The price point is below average.
  • The toilet brush is convenient in use.
  • The plunger push piles down with a few strokes and immediately returns to the original shape.


  • The top is rather pointy and may hurt your hand while cleaning.

OXO Good Grips Hideaway Compact Toilet Brush

OXO Good Grips Hideaway Compact Toilet Brush
This OXO toilet brush is another smart option for the shoppers who strive to maintain their bathroom in good order and look for the most effective tool for doing it.

The brush has a tapered shape that makes cleaning easy and fast. The blue bristles on the top of it are sturdy enough to handle even the deep dirt under the rim without a lot of pressure. The OXO handle yet features a soft grip and is convenient to utilize even after many hours of use.

Those who cannot bear the dripping toilet brush will find this OXO cleaning set amazing. The compact canister fits the brush neatly and keeps it drip-free. It automatically opens when you take the brush and closes when you return it to its place. The built-in tray is equipped with ventilation slots that promote the rapid evaporation of water running off the brush.

Like other high-quality toilet brushes, the OXO brush is good at reaching difficult areas of the bowl. Its steel cord is durable enough not to crack when you use it intensively on a regular basis. The model comes in four soft colors all of which will complement your bathroom. If you are obsessed with extreme house cleaning, this cleaning kit would help you a lot in performing your household duties properly.


  • The price is budget-friendly.
  • The head is removable and replaceable, if necessary.


  • The drip tray cannot be removed for emptying or cleaning.
  • Water drains into the bottom of the base and does not evaporate actually when you use the cleaning very often.

Fuller Brush Toilet Bowl Swab

Fuller Brush Toilet Bowl Swab
This premium soft toilet brush is a helpful tool that protects your hands from nasty chemicals while you are scrubbing the toilet bowl.

The swab is made of high-quality synthetic yarn that is bacteria resistant and minimizes the development of fungi in the bowl each time you use it to clean the toilet. It dries quickly and leaves no water footprints on your bathroom floor. Despite its soft material, it is still strong to remove the grim under the rim. The swab has a gentle effect on the bowl surface and no way scratches it compared to other more rigid brush types.

You probably will be also pleased with an innovative sanitary cup that safeguards the swab when it is not in use. It is designed to eliminate the risk of your contact with cleaning chemicals when you squeeze out excess water after cleaning. The plastic cup is of great use to people who are used to performing their household chores without protective gloves. It fully covers the swab and does not let you get injured when working with this cleaning tool.

The Fuller swab is 18 inches in length and allows reaching all the hard-to-clean places of the toilet. The unit comes in white only. It can be combined with other Fuller cleaning products that promote better cleaning results if desired. I’d say that this Filler swab is potentially one of the most effective toilet bowl brushes designed to provide you with extreme cleaning power.


  • The handle holds up under high scrubbing pressure.


  • The price is slightly above average.
  • You should let it dry before putting it back on the floor.

mDesign Slim Compact Plastic Toilet Bowl Brush

mDesign Slim Compact Plastic Toilet Bowl Brush
It is the last toilet brush cleaner that boasts a huge selection of color options and allures shoppers that take care of their bathroom look searching for one specific tone.

The cleaning kit has a simple but stylish design that includes a long bowl brush and a slim holder that won’t let your floor get wet after the cleaning is done. The holder provides the utmost protection of the brush when not in use and thereby prolongs its service. It also makes the brush easily portable when you need to clean more than one toilet. The brush has numerous sturdy bristles that allow handling the hard-to-reach area around the rim.

Pay attention to the round disc above the brush that stops splashes from hitting your hands while cleaning. The bowl handle is 15 inches in length but has a soft grip allowing for comfortable and fast cleaning. It is made of chlorine-free plastic that features high damage resistance and allows applying more pressure to extremely dirty stains.

The unit is compact and fit to small-sized bathrooms that lack extra space and require the owner to think twice before purchasing new items. The brush mDesign comes in thirteen soft colors among which every buyer can find the one fitting into their bathroom look well.


  • The bowl brush is the cheapest on the list.
  • It is easy to clean from water residues.


  • The mDesign brush is not suitable for porcelain bowls.

Buyer’s Guide

How to Clean Toilet Brush Quickly?

Bowl brushes do an amazing job in keeping your toilet clean, but do you clean the brushes? Like any other tool, they also need maintenance and care. If you are reluctant to do it, be ready to buy a new bowl brush on a regular basis. If you prefer saving on your budget, these simple steps will help you keep clean your brushes effectively:

  1. Take protective gloves to protect your skin from chemicals.
  2. Fill a bucket with tepid water.
  3. Take bleach and add a little to the water. Read the application instructions before applying the bleach.
  4. Soak the brush in bleach and leave for one hour.
  5. Take the brush out of the bucket and rinse it with clean water.

Let the bowl brush dry. Then put it back to the holder.

Since brush holders get dirty now and then, it is important to clean them as well. The process is similar to that above, but it is better to use different cleaning sprays instead of bleach. For example, the all-famous Domestos would be great.

  1. Take such a spray and apply it to the surface of the holder from on the inner and outer side.
  2. Leave it for half an hour. You can scrub some hard places with a sponge.
  3. Rinse the holder with clean water and wipe it clean with a dry cloth.

It is recommended to clean the holder along with the bowl brush.

How to Use a Toilet Brush?

Whether you are male or female, it is important to maintain your bathroom in spotless condition. It is the room where you take care of your body, but this place needs care as well, especially a toilet that tends to get dirty quickly.

The first rule for dealing with a dirty toilet is a good bowl brush. But if you have already got such one, these are a set of key steps guiding you into effective bowl cleaning.

  1. Buy a good cleaner and pour a little into the bowl. Make sure to read the product label on the container before pouring it. Mind that some bowl surfaces are vulnerable to alkaline.
  2. Take a brush and start scrubbing the inner side of the bowl going slowly from the top down.
  3. Flush the toilet to wash away the dirt you manage to clean for the first time.
  4. If your toilet is clogged, you’re going to need a plunger too. Take it and push down with some pressure a few times until you see the toilet getting unclogged. If this does not work, you’d better call a plumber to avoid more serious problems with the toilet.
  5. Scrub the remaining stains and the area under the rim to make sure it is perfectly clean. Flush anew.

Regular maintenance is what allows you to enjoy purity all the time. It is recommended to scrub the bowl at least once a week to prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi that may damage the bowl surface.

How to Choose a Toilet Brush?

The abundance of toilet brushes on the market makes many buyers baffled. Your desire alone is not enough to make the right decision at time. There are some vital factors you should take into account before making the ultimate buying choice.


Look at the brush handle. It must be comfortable and not pointed at the top. A good brush has a steel rod that withstands a lot of pressure you may need to apply while cleaning. See to it that it has an anti-rust coating or it won’t serve long. Avoid plastic handles that are not reliable and easily broken.


You will achieve better cleaning results if your brush is equipped with semi-hard bristles that help you scrub the bowl but at the same time do not leave any scratches on the surface.


Some brushes or swabs may be preliminarily soaked in an anti-fungal solution that prevents the development of bacteria and germs in the bowl. If you want to see your toilet in excellent condition even when you forget to clean it on time, I recommend buying brushes treated with an antimicrobial solution.


The market is full of simple and extraordinary bowl brush models. If you are not worried about your bathroom décor, it is better to go with soft colors, such as grey or white. Yet, if you have an own vision of what your bathroom should look like, you are welcome to look for your desired brush on Amazon.