Low temperature, shorter daylight hours, constantly turned on lights, the use of additional heating systems – all these conditions can fastly to discharge the car battery. And it’s good if there is a car service nearby, but what if not? Then portable jump starter should become an indispensable component of your garage and car interior.

Their main difference is the ability to supply a larger current to start the battery and without the need for preliminary recharging. The portable battery jump starter “restore” batteries that have long been lying around in the garage idle. In connection with such popularity of designs, its variety is also increasing: each manufacturer wants to offer the customer the best option. We suggest you get acquainted with the Top 7 best portable car jump starters of 2019.

Best Portable Car Jump Starter Reviews

Clore Automotive Jump-N-Carry JNC660

Clore Automotive Jump-N-Carry JNC660
Great portable battery jumper, my neighbor had to use it in a tow truck to start his car. The tow truck driver started his car with a Jump N Carry 660, and it took only a couple of seconds to start it. That sold me on this product.

Compact in size for a large amp jump box. 13.12 voltage out of the box. Very rugged construction. Want to use it to jump the vehicle. Hot battery inside the unit with volt gauge and 12-volt cig. Plug. Like the cool look. I also jump-started a large Red Cross ERV ( ambulance diesel).

  • Hold the charge for a long time.
  • Working good for trucks and large cars.
  • Had a light.
  • The manual didn’t explain very well the range of things this mini jump starter can do.
  • The ends of the cord that connect the unit to your cigarette lighter are slightly oversized: you have to REALLY push on them to get them into the socket.
  • The LED’s battery condition isn’t accurate and never shows 100% (manual says 4 but in reality, it has only 3).


One of the best portable jump starters which features Advanced Intelligent Connecting Cables. It is equipped with advanced intelligent copper cable jumpers that can protect your devices from overcurrent, short circuit, overload, overvoltage, and overcharging. Much better and more durable than others.

It features Powerful LED Emergency Light. You can use LED lighting with 3 modes (high, strobe and SOS) as a warning light to in case you have a traffic accident or call emergency services.

There is also Compass LCD Screen. This compass will help you find your way home when you get lost. The LCD displays the remaining power and output voltage, which helps you better use power and protect your devices.

The thing I liked the most is the Faster Smarter Charger. It features a 2.4 A USB output and an 18,000 mAh intelligent USB port.

You can charge your mobile phones, tablets, phones, etc. at maximum speed. You can also use it to charge your laptop using 8 in 1 laptop adapters (included). The output voltage can be switched between 12 V / 16 V / 19 V as shown on the LCD screen.

The last feature will certainly please your eye, it’s Convenient Ultra-Compact Package. The device comes in a fabulous high-quality semi-rigid case with a yellow strap for wearing on your wrist. Unlike traditional bulky starter packs, it is small enough to be stored in a glove box and light enough to pack in a bag.

  • After jumping the car, it still has a 98% charge.
  • Followed instructions that were included, and it started right up.
  • Too pricey.

NOCO Boost Plus GB40

NOCO Boost Plus GB40
GB40 is a compact and powerful lithium-ion portable car battery jumper with a starting current of 1000A, providing 7000J of starting energy. The manufacturer uses patented safety technology which provides protection against sparking and reverse polarity, allowing anyone to use the device safely.

The device is designed to start:

  • gasoline engines up to 6 liters
  • diesel engines up to 3 liter

It can be used as a portable power source for charging smartphones, tablets and other personal devices.

Super Bright LED lamp at 100 lumens with 7 light modes, including SOS and hazard warning signal.
The ability to charge personal devices on the road, such as smartphones, tablets, electronic watches, etc. – up to 4 smartphones.

  • It was well packaged. The boxing was impressive, it was more impressive than the boxing of some high-end electronics.
  • The unit is light but clearly well built with a lot of safety features like connector covers and keyed connectors, and if it’s connected incorrectly, it warns you.
  • The LED flashlight and USB charger ports show thoughtful design.
  • Solid, well-built terminal clamps that don’t spark up, also my son loves them because they look like dinosaurs.
  • It wouldn’t start my truck after it was at operating temp and gauge showing 10A.


When the best portable battery jumper in my life arrived I was so surprised at how small it was, it looked more like something to charge a mobile phone than a car, and I did not have much confidence that it would work.

However, my neighbor informs me that it really does work! He charged it up and kept it in the car. He has had to use it several times, and it gets the flat battery going in no time.

It does not need to be charged up each time and seems able to start the car multiple times on one charge. I am thinking about getting one for myself to keep in the car for emergencies. This is an impressive product, and I would highly recommend it.

  • Used the boost function as advised in the instructions. Sixty seconds later, the car starts first turn of the key.
  • With all the other added features this neat and tidy, well-packaged jump starter is unbeatable.
  • The slight problem is the leads are not long enough to pick up both “official” lugs. So the earth clamp went on an earthed bracket.


This is one of the best auto jump starter, a powerful Emergency tool to boost your vehicles.

The lithium battery Charger can deliver up to 30 full power jump starts per charge. Best of all, it’s protected by multiple levels of safety. Nothing happens if you touch the clamps together or hook up to a battery backward.

Boost not only provides a massive amount of power to start an engine, but it also protects you from it. The device is a compact, yet 800 Amp lithium-ion jump starter that delivers powerful starting power which can jump-start 7.0L Gas or 5.5L Diesel Engine.

It works on a wide range of vehicles including cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, ATVs and more.

Jump box Powerpack supports quick charge input and output. Compatible with Qualcomm QC 3.0, it can charge your phone, camera, kindle and other devices up to 75% faster than a standard charge.

Ultra-bright flashlight with SOS whether you need light to change a tire, inspect an engine, or need to warn oncoming traffic that you are broken down on the side of the road. It has 3 modes of LED light (high, strobe and SOS).

  • Even after using it today, it still shows a full charge with all 5 battery indicator lights lit.
  • I love the fact that it has red and green lights on it to let you know whether or not you have it connected correctly.
  • Too pricey.
  • The design could be better.

Rugged Geek RG1000

Rugged Geek RG1000
This little charging/boosting device from the Rugged Geek portable jump boxes manufacturer works like I wanted it to do so, given the bike a few easy kicks start after sitting a little too long.

As for the power supply, a full charge keeps a couple of phones and outdoor speakers good to go for a whole long weekend when you’re out in the bush.

Compact yet powerful, the RG1000 gives you the ability to safely jump-start your car, truck, van, motorcycle, boat, SUV, ATV or UTV while the dual INTELLI-USB charging ports, dedicated laptop charging port and included 3-IN-1 cable (with new USB-C, Lightning and Micro USB) allows you to charge your portable devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops, portable GPS, Android or iOS devices, making the RG1000 an invaluable tool for your on-the-go lifestyle.

In addition, the RG1000 includes a built-in multi-mode LED flashlight to help you find your way after dark and also operates as an emergency beacon, while exclusive spark-proof jumper cables make it impossible to short circuit in the event that the jumper cables are attached incorrectly.

  • One huge plus with these cables is that once the vehicle starts, the cables will detect the surge in power going back to the battery (from the vehicle’s charging system) and will stop power from going back into the booster pack.
  • The clamps have a great grip.
  • The lightning is very bright.
  • Digital readout is easy enough.
  • I broke my alligator clip removing from the battery terminal. Btw, it was plastic.

JACO BoostPro

JACO BoostPro
The BoostPro jump pack boasts a powerful 16,500 mAh battery with 600A of peak current to boost dead batteries (up to 6.5L gasoline or 5.2L diesel engines) 20-30x per charge!

Features a super bright LED safety flashlight with emergency SOS functions, rugged fireproof otterbox casing, battery jumper feature, and power supply for 12V & USB devices.

Built to last from top-notch performance components featuring a crisp LCD battery life display screen, with dual USB ports for on-the-go power for your phone, tablet, desk lamp, fan – the list goes on.

100% lifetime satisfaction guarantee by JACO Superior Products (for any reason) with lifetime priority customer support.

  • I noticed it works like a charm even on low and old use batteries.
  • Really does the job. Easy to use.
  • On the first try, it took only 1% to get my car going. Thus, it doesn’t need to be recharged.
  • Really handy. Nice to have when needed.
  • Comes with a carry-all case. Compact.
  • When I tried to use it, it didn’t start my car until I have to charge it to 100%. Moreover, the display did not show its charge level.

Buyers Guide

How to Use a Portable Jump Starter?

  1. Ensure that the starting inverter charge is at least 60%.
  2. Connect the crocodile adapter to the car battery (red terminal – anode (+), black terminal – a cathode (-)).
  3. Insert the other end of the crocodile adapter into the output of the device to start the 12V car battery.
  4. Turn the key to the ON position in the ignition switch and drive the car.
  5. After the car has started, carefully disconnect the crocodile adapter from the starter.
  6. Disconnect the adapter clamps from the terminals of the car battery for 30 seconds.

Key Factors When Choosing a Portable Jump Starter?

The main parameter that is important for the proper selection of the jump box is the starting current. For a gasoline engine, it is lower, for a diesel engine it is higher.

According to portable jump starter reviews in principle, all the necessary characteristics are already indicated on the marking of your battery. Its voltage is 12 Volts (old motorcycles, motorboats, and scooters have a voltage of 6 Volts, and large equipment – 2×12 = 24 Volts).

The current strength in Amperes is also indicated there. If your battery produces 200A, then you need a launcher with an indicator no less. It is better to give a margin of + 20%.

On average, for cars you need:

  • For gasoline options – 255A;
  • For diesel engines – not less than 300A.

But these numbers are generalized. If you select accurately and with the correct calculation, then focus on the engine size:
up to 4 liters – you can choose PUs having an inrush current of 300-400 Amps (although you can buy a device with a higher inrush current);
volume up to 7 liters and above (trucks, SUVs, vans – pick up a booster with a rated current of at least 600 Amps, and better – at least 900.

Be sure not to forget about the capacity of the built-in battery, because it is this parameter that directly affects the successful launch of the car.


What is a jump starter?

Jumpstarter is the device intended to start the engine of the car, from which the battery has discharged. That is, apply current to the starter. The built-in battery is responsible for generating current in the control unit, but there are also starting-charging devices that work from the network, and instead of the battery, there is a transformer.

Can I jump start a dead battery?

The main functions for which, in fact, each jump starter is designed:

  • Starting the car engine with a discharged battery, and in some cases, a battery is not needed. By the way, the discharge can be very deep, and indeed, the battery may not be – for the jump starter it does not matter. A high-quality modern starting device can start up to 20 dead batteries, without needing to recharge the charge. But there are cases when the battery has a deep discharge, and if it is old, it can completely eat the starting capacity and at the same time not give the desired effect;
  • “Auxiliary” – the ability to recharge mobile devices or can be a power source for small equipment.

So, the answer is YES; you can. Of course, depending on the unit you use.

What types of jump starters are there?

Launchers are divided into 2 types:

  • Lightweight and compact (Power Bank). Their main feature in size. The weight of such starting devices does not exceed 2 kg. Often they can be equipped with additional nozzles for connecting different electronics and used not only to start car batteries (12V, 24V) but also be a good helper on trips. And thanks to modern technology, the battery capacity of this baby can be even 4000 Ah;
  • Portable. These devices are over the past decade. They are bulkier, and cannot boast of lightweight and ergonomics, although they also perform their function perfectly – they charge batteries 12 and 24V efficiently, in most models you can also find a built-in compressor for pumping wheels and are equipped with a flashlight. But, unfortunately, their built-in battery is lead-acid, and in some near future, more high-tech models will replace them completely.

As, basically, starting devices are rechargeable.
Their batteries perfectly tolerate frost up to -20 degrees, heat, humidity, hold a charge for a long time. They have no negative effects of “memory” and self-discharge. A battery-powered starter for a car is that its operation is completely autonomous.

This device is not connected to the network. It can be carried with you as an integral part of a motorist’s access, like a license, a first aid kit, and a fire extinguisher. And the presence of a jump box in the trunk eliminates the puzzle about how to start a stalled engine – “light up” another driver, start “from the pusher”, look for the opportunity to charge the battery from the network or cause an emergency call.