Do you know that are the differences between the laser copy, regular copy and inkjet paper? If you are using a wrong paper, you will not get the expected quality of printout in the particular printer machine.

It is difficult to recognize the difference between inkjet and laser paper regarding its quality, price, and everything. The selection of paper for the printouts is based on two major factors including:

  • What are you going to print such as pictures, texts or the mix of both?
  • What kind of printing machine are you using such as a little desktop inkjet printer or laser copier printer?

Based on these factors, the selection of paper must be unique and suitable for the different purposes.

Regular copy paper Vs Laser copy paper:

Printer paperBoth the regular copy paper and laser copy paper differ in many various ways. Even though all the best quality laser and copy papers are designed to run through your printer machine of any type, the laser paper is particularly designed for the optimal visuals.

Many users have doubts on is copy paper the same as printer paper? There are somewhat different in weight, size and all other factors. The following are some of the factors by which you can differ the various printer papers including:

  • Weight – If you are considering the weight of the laser paper, it is about 24 lb to 28 lb. The regular copy paper weight is only 20 lb. Both these printing papers are bond papers, and their weight is actually decided by one ream of 17” by 22” sheets.
  • Finishing – Both the regular copy paper and laser papers have the neat and smooth finishing to allow proper bond of the laser and copy toner. As compared to copy papers, the laser papers usually have smoother finishing in order keeping the high quality look. The inkjet paper in laser printer is also possible to use to get the same quality.

Some other differences between regular copy paper and laser paper:

  • Brightness – Both the copy paper weight and brightness are the most important considerations. When you are noticing the brightness levels of the paper, usually a copy paper has around 80 to 85 on the regular brightness scale whereas the laser paper has around 90 to 100 in the same scale.
  • Opacity – The copy paper made of the material with the higher density. This is why its opacity is lesser and the laser paper contains the higher opacity. As the laser paper has the higher opacity, it will minimize the show through of another side of the printed paper.
  • Thickness – It is also the main factor to be considered while choosing a paper for your printing needs. The laser paper of the specific standard 24 lb and 28 lb categories is little thicker than standard 20 lb copy paper. This is why super thin printer paper is the regular copy paper.


In all the factors, both the laser paper and regular copy paper are differ, but both have their unique quality and usage for the varied applications.