A portable smart bottle is designed to help you memorize the amount of water you need to drink at different intervals throughout the day. You can customize it individually, depending on your activity during the day.

Also, such a device can regulate the amount you need to drink depending on your height, weight, age, sex, how active you are during the day, and climatic conditions. If you are actively engaged in sports during a certain period of time and your activity level is high then you need to drink more water. An intelligent bottle notifies you about it.

These are important factors that take into account your bottle of water, as all of the above factors will affect the amount of water that you should consume to maintain tone. If you are actively engaged in sports during a certain period of time and your activity level is high then you need to drink more water. An intelligent bottle notifies you about it.

In the summer months, when the weather is hot, the body needs more water, the application receives this data, and provides accurate information on how much water you need to drink.

Review Of The Best Smart Water Bottles

IceWater Black

IceWater Black
This light-up water bottle helps their owners be always properly hydrated reminding them of drinking water with glow and sound.

This small 20-once item is a safe product since it doesn’t contain Bisphenol-A in its material.

Those looking for the best smart water bottle will appreciate a stainless steel vacuum that features double walls to keep cold water for 24 hours, and hot water – for 12 hours. It’s possible to use it for coffee, tea, and other hot drinks. The non-slip surface makes it easy to hold.

The Bluetooth water bottle allows listening to audio during training, walking, sunbathing on the beach, etc. It produces surround sound with strong bass, which is made possible by a special resonant design. There is no harm in bringing it along in bad weather since it keeps moisture and water out well. Dancing lights are an extra bonus. The speaker can be removed, but, in this case, the lights won’t work.

The cord is in the package to plug it to an outlet or a computer. The red LED light shows the charge status. It takes nearly 3 hours to power the battery.


  • It’s a dishwasher safe item (if a speaker is tentatively unscrewed)
  • The cap stays connected to the bottle when the lid is taken off


  • The music goes through a speaker only. So, there is no opportunity to listen to it via headphones
  • The rubber piece inside the lid falls off sometimes

Hidrate Spark Storm

Hidrate Spark Storm
This Hidrate smart water bottle always reminds you of the need to remain hydrated. The device keeps track of your daily water consumption and synchronizes your data with smartphones (iOS and Android) via Bluetooth. Integrate your information with software and other tracking tools for your activity to analyze your daily need for water according to your daily activity level. It contains 20 ounces. The device is installed in a standard cup case. It contains a convenient cap for convenient opening/closing and a measuring device for drinking water. The battery runs continuously without recharging, no charge is required.


  • The gauge of a quantity of the drunk water
  • Stylish design
  • Does not need charging


  • The calculation of the liquid is carried out only on a flat surface

IceWater 3-in-1

IceWater 3-in-1
If you are keen to have a water bottle that tells you how much to drink, think about the BPA-free IceWater Blue with a Bluetooth speaker on board. It starts flashing to recall the need to drink and has a variety of different interchanging colors working as a light show.

The unit is among the top-rated smart water bottles in its price range since it is remarkable for its durable construction and well-considered design. It features a wide leak-proof mouth. The vacuum’s double-walls are made of insulated stainless steel with strong corrosion resistance and excellent thermal conductivity. The latter allows keeping water and drinks hot for 12 hours, and saving them cold for 24 hours (one can store even ice cubes in it). The hull is made of tough food-grade stainless steel resistant to scratches and other damages. Besides, the unit is waterproof and has no leaks. However, it is recommended to disconnect the loudspeaker just to be on a safe side.

The speaker has a resonant design that makes the item vibrate on hard surfaces, producing clear and strong bass.


  • The speaker is loud enough to enjoy music in noisy environments
  • The smart bottle is fitted with a powerful battery that lasts near 3 days with approximately 8 hours of use


  • No sound reminder, but only glow reminds the users to drink water
  • The light should be brighter

Zak Designs Zak!

Zak Designs Zak!
This red 17.5-ounce water bottle measures how much you drink with an LED light that starts flashing when it’s time to drink. Stainless-steel double walls keep the liquids cold inside around the clock. The unit has a strong cap that makes it leak-tight in all orientations.

Like many other measuring water bottles, it is made of BPA free materials (steel and plastic) to be safe for people’s health. The item has a carry loop to hold it effortlessly and a plastic closure with a slide opening to drink on the move without a straw.

The smart water bottle has a built-in Bluetooth speaker in its base that matches all the Bluetooth-capable devices and produces a clear sound with good bass even at the highest volumes. Three buttons on the speaker allow adjusting volume, skipping tracks, and pausing them. Multi-colored lights follow the music. It’s possible to use a speaker separately just for entertainment.

It is easy to wash in a dishwasher if the speaker is removed. It is necessary to manually maintain a speaker by wiping it with a piece of cloth. Note that the speaker can withstand only small splashes since it is not waterproof.


  • It takes only one hour and a half to feed the battery
  • The Bluetooth works flawlessly
  • The smart bottle comes with a USB cable to power it through the computer or outlet


  • It saves hot drinks’ temperature for 8 hours only
  • The smart water bottle’s weight is 14.4 ounces that makes it a bit heavy

IceWater Deep Black

IceWater Deep Black
The IceWater Deep Black reminder water bottle glows brightly with different colors every hour to prevent the user from missing the next time to drink water. There is no need to hook the bottle up to Bluetooth to activate a reminder, but it should always be turned on for this purpose. It’s possible to enjoy audio thanks to a detachable Bluetooth speaker with multi-colored dancing lights flashing in time to the music. The speaker features strong bass when it is placed on a hard wooden surface.

The speaker and lights can work separately. It’s necessary to keep the bottle on and interrupt the Bluetooth connection to enjoy lights without music. The user should press and hold the Pause button to make the light off if they are too distracting.

This device is suitable for those looking for a medium-sized water bottle that reminds you to drink, as it features a capacity of 22 ounces. The battery lasts about four hours and needs about an hour to charge it again. The red light is on when the device is charging, and it turns off when it is powered. The Plus and Minus buttons are designed to skip tracks ahead or backward. The user should press and hold these buttons to turn the volume up or down. The smart hydration bottle gives easy access to the water via a single click.


  • The speaker produces loud sound even at a small volume level
  • It is made of materials safe for direct food contact


  • Water leaks sometimes to the cap
  • The item lacks a sound reminder


The water bottle that tracks consumption is a catch for those who are into healthy living, sports, and training. It measures the water levels by rebounding sound waves. LifeFuels makes it possible to control both hydration and consumption via a mobile device by downloading the dedicated water bottle app that is compatible with both Android and iOS platforms.

This product is a smart nutrition device that makes healthy cocktails from Pods. It’s possible to choose from 15 offered Pods with different nutrients, tastes, and flavors. Unlike the typical sizes, this one is measured in shots rather than in ounces. A single Pod contains 30 shots, and it is capable of storing 3 Pods in its base. Generally, the item allows dispensing 90 customized beverages. It’s also possible to adjust the recipes (drinks’ strength and flavor) through the app based on a user’s weight, height, age, and more personal characteristics.

The LifeFuels is a small smart water bottle with a capacity of 16.9 ounces and weighs 2.7 pounds. It is made of eco-friendly plastic with an anodized-aluminum base. The LifeFuels has a single button to choose the Pod with a short press and to dispense it with a longer one. A micro USB port to charge is on the back.

The cup is not insulated to keep the water cool, but one can add ice to a beverage. The unit is dishwasher safe except for the base that should be unscrewed and washed under the running water.


  • The item features a long-lasting battery life up to 4 days
  • The intelligent water bottle comes with a set of accessories (3 Pods, cable, cleaning brush, and strap)
  • It takes less than an hour to power the battery


  • According to many smart water bottle reviews, it’s possible to use about a quarter of all the functionality without the app
  • The base is wide; that’s why it might not fit many car and bicycle cup holders for smart ones


This item might become the best smart water bottle due to its large capacity of 32 ounces and a refill reminder. The latter glows every hour through to display the liquid level inside and remind the user to drink water. The marks that go from 8 am to 6 pm show how much water the user drinks.

It doesn’t spill water thanks to the triple leakage protection and can be easily opened with one hand by clicking the button. A dishwasher is not a problem, and hot temperature and detergent won’t erase the logo and marks on the surface.

While asking, “Are smart water bottles BPA-free?” please note that this item is made of BPA-free plastic that is not only harmless but also lightweight weighs 8.8 ounces). It is pleasant in touch and doesn’t have any foreign smell. It is compatible with car or bike holders for smart water bottles and has a phone holder onboard. The unit is available in gray and black colors.


  • It’s possible to unscrew the cap to make protein shakes
  • The unit has a strap for comfortable carrying
  • This smart bottle features a small hole in the lid that makes it easier to breathe while drinking


  • It doesn’t keep cold since the cup is not insulated
  • The button that holds the bottle from leaking looks flimsy
  • It lacks such extras as a speaker and dancing lights

Buyer’s Guide

What is the Best Smart Water Bottle

A smart water bottle is a device to show the amount of water that was consumed by a person over a period of time. It reminds you if you drink a little water to achieve your daily hydration goals. Such bottles are useful, first of all, for people who consume little water, forgetting to drink water daily.


A smart bottle for water uses some software that allows a smart bot to connect to your phone’s app. The software monitors your daily need for water per day, counts how much water you drink, and how much you still need to drink to the desired level.

You can visually see your progress every day, you control yourself, how much you drink, and how much you need to drink to reach your daily goal of drinking water, a visual vision can be used as a motivation to continue to drink. That’s why the software is so important for users. The program monitors the amount of drinking water and keeps you informed in order to be hydrated.

Technologies and Sensors

Most modern smart water bottles use technology to determine the amount of water you drink. One of the most commonly used technologies is the use of an accelerometer. An accelerometer is a device that can detect when you pump your bottle of water to get a sip of water by gravity/acceleration. This appliance also understands and fixes when you place it ater back after drinking.

Also, a variety of sensors can be located on the bottle, including scales that help detect how much water you drink at any time. This technology tracks this information and sends it to your app. By getting this information, you can analyze and track your daily, weekly, and monthly progress.

How Smart Bottles Notify You To Drink?

Different bottles can tell you in many ways that it’s time to get water: light audible signals or vibration.

The bottle will remind you that you need to drink the amount of water you need. It performs these actions by sending a light signal. The bottle may light up to remind you that you have to drink water. It also reports through certain sounds or vibrations, if you do not have enough light reminders.

Most smart water bottles regulate the amount of water you need to drink depending on factors such as height, age, weight, gender, activity level, and climatic conditions and weather conditions. In summer, when the temperature of the air is high, the need for water is high, and in winter, when the weather is cold, the figure is lower. Your smart water bottle takes into account such factors as it will significantly affect how much water you should consume on any day.

Are Smart Water Bottles Safe To Reuse?

Repeated use of a disposable bottle for water, the producers of which at its production point out that the bottle is not intended to be used more than once is not useful. Experts note that manufacturers of commercially bottled water do not recommend consumers to reuse their disposable bottles. The manufacturers point out that when one bottle is used many times, this can lead to a physical breakdown of plastic, visible damage or cracks may appear on the plastic. Bacteria can fall into cracks, thus endangering human health.

Such information is provided by scientists and experts who have studied this issue. Also, reuse of plastic can also lead to bacterial contamination, if they are not washed regularly, wash the bottle with soap, after which it is good to rinse it with water, besides, water should not be very hot.

It is not a secret to anyone that there are plastic water bottles for reusable use, but they can also contain the risk of bacterial infection if you do not wash them.

At that time, the researchers did not investigate and did not name the exact source of contamination, but the most likely source of intestinal bacteria entering inside is the hands of people. Improper hand washing leads to bacteria getting into the bottle, which can penetrate into the water due to existing cracks.

There were also tests in which plastic bottles were used during the week without rinsing. The bacteria were taken from the neck of bottles. What were the results? All of these people drank water with so many bacteria that could be caused by food poisoning. Drinking water from such a bottle can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea.

While washing the bottle in hot water should be insignificant in the chemical structure of most plastics, however, such concepts as “dishwasher” and “disposable bottles” are not compatible with each other. It is better to wash the bottle independently, not in hot water, carefully checking if there is no mechanical damage to it.

Of course, it does not mean that you should never reuse the same bottle for water. For example, it is worthwhile to buy glass bottles with protective frames, as well as stainless steel ones. If you buy a plastic bottle and plan to use it many times, you need a polypropylene one that uses white plastic, which usually does not contain plasticizers or other chemical additives and is resistant to mechanical damage.