In recent years, people had become aware of the correct hydration. However, the thrill and excitement of the big city and the frenetic pace at which they’re forced to live to make it difficult not to forget drink water regularly and in sufficient quantities. That’s why many of them are already looking for the best smart water bottle to solve the problem.

Best Smart Water Bottle – Wise Solution for Hydration Issues

Since this tech is a novelty on the market, let’s answer the question “what is a smart water bottle?” It’s a well-designed product that’s made of environmentally friendly materials but not of cheap harmful plastic. Besides, it’s connected with the mobile device via Bluetooth. To make it work, a special phone app is required in order to track the necessary amount of water one should consume. Note that it’s possible to connect some units to any well-known fitness and healthcare apps (Amazon Echo, FitBit, Apple Watch, Garmin, for example).

Smart Water Bottle – Variety of Features

The set of options depends on the model of the high tech water bottle. Let’s deal with the most useful and advanced features to choose from.

  • Sensors in the lids to inform about the current amount and temperature of the water, as well as the required milliliters one should drink by the day’s end.
  • A built-in display to deliver data real-time if the mobile gadget isn’t around.
  • Focus on the diversity of raw data (age, level and kind of activity, height, weight, pregnancy, etc.).
  • Versatility that means more secondary (but still useful for some people) features included – light, speaker, speakerphone, power bank, sleep sounds app and so on.

Smart Water Bottle’s Tech Secret

How do those smart bottles manage to make measurements? They come with the accelerometer based on gravitational acceleration to detect how much water one’s drinking from the bottle.

Some straightforward models don’t need smartphones and apps at all. Their sensors onboard just start glowing, vibrating or blinking when the time has come to take a sip. However, there’re some more advanced models in this range. It’s referring to a water bottle with tracker that’s able to display how much water one has had to drink without being synchronized to the mobile gadget.

How to Choose the Right Smart Water Bottle?

The choice is dependable on the goal, primarily. For example, those who enjoy jogging would like to have a unit that can be hooked up to one of the developed exercise trackers (FitNotes, Fitbit or any other app).

In case of lacking sources of power for the mobile device, pay attention to the model with a power bank onboard. If it’s not intended to carry a smartphone/tablet around, it’s worth to look at models that can display the necessary information independently. In this case, it deals with the battery-powered bottles that’s why try to pick units with the longer battery life (it can last from 7 hours up to 6 months).

Also, keep in mind lightweight and sleek units for convenient use. Durability is also important, that’s why consider tested and certified products. The most high-end models are made of stainless steel, borosilicate glass, and some of them are double-walled.